Eavesdropping Harry

Harry is at his friends house for a couple of weeks. He was chilling out swimming when he heard the most beautiful voice he had ever heard will he find her or will he regret not searching more. Read to find out.


1. The Voice

Melony's POV

Hi I'm Melony. I love to sing and play the guitar. I sing so much I don't even notice when I start. Also I LOVE Justin Bieber. I'm only 12, but I know what my dream is. I know with I told, you think I want to be a singer. WRONG! I want to be the next Steve Jobbs. Yeah you heard me I wanna work with computers. Don't get me wrong I love singing, but it is just a hobby. My neighbor has a pool so whenever he has friends are over and they are swimming they are super loud I wanna sometimes scream SHUT UP so they will be quiet, but I am too shy to that. I was raking leaves as chores when I just started singing like whenever I do my chores. As soon as I started singing the neighbors became quiet weird, right?

Harry's POV

I was taking a break at my friend Mark's house in California. We were being loud and noisy laughing and catching up when I heard this girl singing. I wanted to meet her, but I know going up to her house and knocking on her door is wrong, so I just continue listening to her.

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