Beyond the Reflection

15 year old Lea and her family move into her deceased grandmother's home, in hopes to start a fresh chapter in their life and forget the painful memories of the past. Although Lea may think she knows this house inside and out, there are many secrets that thrive within the old house.


1. A New Beginning

I awoke to the sound of our car driving down the paved road, to where we would start our life again. Fresh. A new chapter. It's hard to forget what has happened to you in the last few years and just start over, but that's what we were attempting to do.

We were only a few minutes away from our new home, and I already felt homesick. Although my old home was full of unpleasant memories, I felt like I belonged there. It was when we parked in front of the house that reality began to sink in. I got out of the car and froze, just staring at the old house.

"Lea hurry up! Grab some suitcases, we don't have all day!" My mother called.

I nodded, and grabbed my suitcases from the trunk, and headed up the stone steps to the large front door. My mother followed not too far behind, and unlocked the door. We stumbled in the doorway, and dropped our suitcases on the marble floor.

My sister and I immediately raced up the staircase to pick our rooms, and I wasn't going to settle for the smallest one this time! We had our eyes on the same room, and we sprinted for it. I won't lie, it got pretty violent, but my long legs were my advantage, and I ended up being the rightful owner of the bedroom!

This bedroom was much larger than my old one, in fact the whole house was very large! The bedroom had lots of potential, so I started moving in right away. I had a whole plan in my head, until my thoughts were interrupted by a knock on my door.

"Come in!" I called, without bothering to look at the door.

The door squeaked open, and the familiar sound of my mother's high heels approached me. She plopped down beside me on the hardwood floor, and put her hand on my shoulder.

"How's the moving in going?" She asked quietly, as if she knew exactly what I was thinking.

"Fine." I replied, and continued unpacking as if no one was there.

A long silence went by, until my mother finally broke it.

"Lea.... I know it's hard to just leave your old life behind and start again, but I honestly think that living here in your Grandmother's house will be a good thing for us. Besides, this house is full of joyful, happy memories. Not sad, painful ones. I hope you'll understand that."

I nodded. My mother kissed me on the forehead, and left the room as sudden as she had came.

I guess I should tell you that the house we were moving into wasn'tcompletely new and unfamiliar. My grandmother had lived there for many years of her life, until she passed away the year before we bought it. She was my best friend, and I felt the pain of losing her all over again while being in her house. We were so alike in so many ways, and she was my hero. But I knew that living in her house wasn't meant to be a bad thing.

So after a long day of unpacking, I closed my eyes and let the fantasies of my imagination drift me off into a deep sleep.


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