I just love you

Monique was accepted to a school in London for her final year of high school. Se shares a room with four other girls. None of them like one direction. When they find the boys are going to the same school as them they try to ignore them but with the boys popping up everywhere Monique starts to like Harry but she might turn him down a few times. What would happen then? Does Harry get annoyed?


1. Introductions

Monique's p.o.v

Today is the worst day of my life. In the middle of last year I was accepted into a private school in London. It was my final year for high school and I didn't want to fail like I almost did last year. I got really distracted because I had a boyfriend. 

'Mona! Get up! We leave in an hour!' my sister isabella starts jumping on the bed. We share a bedroom and always have. I rub my eyes. 'whatever just don't play that one direction music.' I say and roll of my bed. I go take a shower to get the alcohol smell off me. Yeah yeah. Crazy going out the night before you go to a new school but it was the last time I would see my friends for a whole year. 

I washed my hair an wrapped a towel around my body. 'Mona! Hurry up!' issy says banging on the door. I walk out and back to our room. She's 13 and takes longer in the bathroom than I do. Is that crazy?

I put on my pale pink dress that finishes mid thigh and my tan ankle boot heels. I loo in the mirror. It looks alright. I turn around and the straps crossed over at the back but still didn't cover up my scars fully. I lay my grey waist blazer on my bed and issy walks in. 'issy when I'm gone, don't let those kids push you around' she was bullied just like me and I always took care of her. She came over and hugged me. She looked down at my wrist. 'hey don't do this. If your upset scream as loud as you can. But whatever you do you do not do this!' she nods. 'come on we're going to be late' I take my bags and put them in the car. 

Two hours later we arrive out the front of the school. I can already see all the sluts here. How did they get in this school? I hug my mum and then my sister. 'scream as loud as you can' I whisper into her ear. She laughs. 'text me when you can' she says. 'alright bye! Love you!' I call and walk to the building. It was the size of three mansions! I walk in the doors and follow the signs to a desk set up in an open space. 

'name' the lady asks. 'um Monique Coleman' she turns on her chair and searches through some boxes then hands me a uniform packaged in clear film. I put it in my hand bag. 'go straight down this hall and the lady there will give you your other things.' I thank her and walk down the hall to another desk. She hands me a book and a key to my room. On the key the room number was engraved onto it. Room 169. I laugh at the last two numbers. 

I start walking up the stairs to the third floor and down the hall to the room. I was the last one in there. 'hi, I'm Monique' I say. 'hi I'm kay-lynn' I set my bags near a bed by the window and shake her hand. 'im paige' 'im tori' 'and im alana' they introduce themselves. 

'first year?' paige asks. 'uh yes. What about you guys?' I ask. 'no. We were here last year. And just a heads up, I would put your electronics in the safe. Headmistress comes in an hour to pick up all electronics.' I nod and walk to the safe and lock my iPhone in. 'did you see the sluts outside?' Alana laughs. 'yeah. Are they here to snog boys?' I say. 'well look what I have!' tori pulls out five water balloons from her bag. We run into the bathroom and fill them up. 'ready!' we walk over to the windows and look out of them. 'one two three... Go!' we drop them on the girls below our window and duck down so they couldn't see us and start laughing. 'I knew I would need them!' tori says. I get off the ground an walk to my handbag. 'hey um I'm going to see what's new around here you guys wanna come?' Alana says and opens the door. 'yeah!' we all go and walk down random halls. 

'what's that yellow line?' I ask a we walk up to it. 'boys only past this point!' we all laugh. 'that's new! They split us last year but that is taking it to the next level.' five boys walk out of their room at the end of the hall. 

'Oh no' I say. 'hi girls!' Harry says. 'that's them. They came third on x factor in 2010. I hate them so much!' Paige whispers. 'me too.' we all agree. 'walk back. Pretend we didn't see them' I whisper an turn around. 'wait!' we turn back. 'hi' we say. 'hi were-' I cut them off. 'Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn. We know.' I roll my eyes. 'you know who we are!' Louis says. We turn back around and start walking. 'don't flatter yourselves. My sister won't shut up about you' I yell back and turn my head a little to see them smiling. 

We walk back to the room. 'they are so weird' Kay-Lynn says and lays on her bed. 'agreed' we all say. 'my sister would be freaking out though if she knew who we jus saw' I laugh. 'oh here. I brought old phones to make it look like we aren't pretending' Alana hand us these old phones. 'how do you even work this?' she shrugs. 

A few minutes later the headmistress walks in with a box. 'ladies phones in here' we walk up to her and drop the phones in then she walks out. 'let's unpack' Paige says and I walk to my suitcase and pull it up on the bed. I start in packing and unwrap a few photos I have framed and put them on the top of the drawers. 

'is this your sister?' tori asks. 'yeah. Before the cancer' I say. 'oh I'm so sorry' she looks sad. 'don't be she's fine now. This is her now' I say and show her a photo. 'she's so pretty' I smile. 'she is.' the other take a look at my photos. 'who's this? Your boyfriend?' Alana nudges me. 'no. That's my dad when he was 15 just before he died. He died of cancer a few days after I was born.' they all look so sad. 'so what about you? Did you have cancer?' I take of my blazer and show them my scar. 'I had a tumor growing near my spine' I explain. They nod and go back to packing. I've had a touch life. I know that. I didn't exactly have the best childhood and neither did issy. My mum was 13 when I was born and my dad was fifteen. I was with my grandma a lot before she died and then my grandpa died after that so I was alone with my mum when she just turned eighteen and life was hard. Then she had issy. Life was never meant to be easy.
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