Me and Styles

Jo is 16 years old. When she was 6 her mother died mysteriously, but no one knew what happened. She's left with her horrible step-dad and her brother who has gone to collage. One day her step-dad punched her and she decided to runaway. She went to her grandmothers, who was the only one who understood her feelings. One day a certain band came to town, she didn't know much about the band but her friend got two tickets to go see them in concert. Hannah had been her best friend ever since they were able to walk and talk. At the concert Jo meets a certain someone.... READ IT TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS !!!!!!


1. Step-dad


It's been 10 years since my mother died. My brother Josh left for collage a month ago and now I'm left with my horrible step-dad Mike. Ever since my mother died my step-dad has had at LEAST 30 women over to the house in the past year. I hate the way he just pretends that my mother didn't ever exist and the way he snogs all the women he has over, even though he's done it with another women the night before. Uhhhh I HATE that man!!!!!! And now my brother is gone and i'm left with him.

I was sitting in my bedroom "doing homework" when i was actually on twitter on my crappy phone that my step-dad got me. Suddenly Mike walked in and caught me!!! I was in for it !!!! "WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THAT PHONE!!!???" he shouted. "I was just, just..."I tried to come up with an excuse but he cut me off. "GIVE ME THAT!!!!" he shouted. He grabbed the phone off me and smashed it off the floor. I kind of expected what happened next, he punched me HARD into the stomach. I could feel my insides flipping and all i could do was fall to the ground. Before he left he gave me a kick in the side and slammed the door. That was it I couldn't take the pain anymore!! This wasn't the first time he had hit me!! I had a bag packed for this day because i knew it would come. I grabbed the bag and climbed out my window and down the side of my house. There was only one place i could go, I knew they wouldn't call him and tell him where i was, I'd go to Grans house.

I walked a good few miles away from my house, i was pitch black and i couldn't really see where i was going but i knew grans was a couple of miles from my house so i'd be walking for a while. Dawn was starting to break and i was almost at the house. Mike would have known i was gone by know but wouldn't be bothered looking for me. I arrived at Grans and knocked on the door, it was only going to be her since my granddad passed away 4 years ago. She opened the door and looked at me and then let out a sigh. "He hurt you again didn't he??" she asked. "In the stomach!" I answered. "Come on in dear" she said. I sat down at the table and told her everything. She gave me some food and told me to go have a rest, so i did.

I woke up the next morning with a terrible pain in my stomach. I could smell the breakfast downstairs, probably a fry or something like that. I got up and walked downstairs. My granny met me at the bottom of the stairs and asked if i wanted breakfast but i had to pass because of the pain in my stomach. "There was a phone call from your friend, Hannah this morning." she told me. "Oh ok, em i'll give her a call."

"Heyy, Hannah my nan said you called this morning" i said. "Yeh i wanted to know if you wanted to go shopping today??" she asked. "Yeh sure what time??" I asked her "Em, what about at two??" "Sounds GREAT see you then!!"

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