Confessions of Me

Meet Lily Arnold your average teenage girl, facing the ups and downs of a teenage life? But you can't be stuck average for ever, Lily believes, something has to change, her time is about to come, will it be for the best?


1. Friday 1st September- Happy Families


Friday 1st September



My names Lily; I am fifteen years old - this April, which means, in my eyes I am technically fifteen, but in my parents eyes I am ten or younger. My brother treats me like a boy and my grandma calls me Debbie, Debbie is seventy eight and dying in elderly home apartments with her twenty year old boyfriend, mum says he's delusional - nobody objects. My brother, Brogan, is twenty four and engaged to some run away circus performer called Gracie, she has the most incredible red hair, I asked mum if I could dye my hair that colour, she yelled and told me I was delusional. That's rich coming from her, since she married dad and then well, divorced dad. I have decided I will run away and become an on Broadway singer, despite the fact I can't sing, they have amazing technology, so they could make me look beautiful and have a wonderful voice! Mum is calling me now, she wants me to help her sort out her computer, honestly!




I am about to go running. Gracie said running helps work off all the calories in your body and I really need to start getting fitter, because trust me, I don't want to end up like Jennet. I helped up tidy up the living room, which is placed at a funny angle, since we moved into the fire station,

"Gracie and Bro are coming over tonight," she tells me. I didn't comment, I like having mum's company to myself. She paused and glanced at me "So is your father." She didn't smile and say 'dad' it was father, like we were living in the Tudor times. I hesitated and asked did Brogan know. She shook her head, Brogan disliked my father very much and nobody really ever knew why. But it wasn't going to be good news that he was coming tonight, I helped make cake and removed mum's favourite glass statue and put it in my bedroom, just encase.  



My run was successful: not! I ran into nearly everyone in my school, the one day you decide not to wear makeup, plus it was the first run I had done in weeks. My hair was all floppy and tied up, my face was bright red, my shoes rubbed and legs ached. I stopped and decided I wouldn't go through the park and turned home. Luckily I managed to get home without anybody spotting or stopping me. 


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