Dream come true

Gisella and Grace have been dreaming about meeting one direction. Giselle is really talented she plays guitar piano and she coan sing. Grace shes just a singer. Find out if they could meet them and if there love will connect


6. What should I do

Niall POV
I'm so hungry now
" k I can't take this anymore I'm starving!" Grave said almost falling
" omg same here" i said
"Niall when are you not starving" Harry said laughing I chuckled
"Grace wanna go to panera, there's one around the corner I could drive you there?" I asked. She smiled at me. " ya sure" she said
Grace POV
"ya sure" I said while smiling at him. I'll tell him at panera that I love him more than a fan girl, but how i can't just be like ' hey Niall I know we kinda just meet but i love you' or should I do that idk I think when I fell I bumpt my but really hard cuz I know the right choose was to wait for him to make the first move. Or should I just go out idk.

A/N sorry this was a short chapter but bcz of hurricane sandy the powers out and I have no wifi so I'm using my phone. Sorry if this is not in paragraph form or w.e cuz I'm using my phone. Love ya keep reading ;)

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