Dream come true

Gisella and Grace have been dreaming about meeting one direction. Giselle is really talented she plays guitar piano and she coan sing. Grace shes just a singer. Find out if they could meet them and if there love will connect


1. Panera

Giselle POV

"heyy, where are you?' I asked "Ill be there in like 3 min, is Asiya there yet?"My best friend grace asked "nah, i think she mightve dictched on us again." "K im here" and she hung up with that. My phone started to ring. My ring tone for text message was everything about you. It was asya. ASYAA:): heyy im cant come im on a date with him. :D i texted bak , reallt, he broke your heart 3 times anyway have fun and be carful bi. Grace enterd panera, "heyy," she said when she saw me siting at a table,"heyy, asiyas ona date with him again." "ugh she should be over him." we arderd our food and our phones rang at the same time it was a text from Julia it read , heyy guys i wanted to know if you wanted to go to iceland tommorow st 8:30pm then come to my house and watch a movie. Me and grace looked at each other, we known each other since 6th grade now that were in 12th we dont need to say anything we just can read each others minds we bothe typed yes and went back to the table. "so marina thinks that is she met harry styles he would fall in love with her" grace almost spit the frap from her mouth and started laughing "harry styles would fall in love with u marina wont have a chance with any one in one direction" i laughed but it was true it wasnt that she was ugly cuz she wasnt but she wasnt beautiful ether.

Grace POV

all i can think was one direction ecpecislly Niall. Niall was hott to me he was the hottest from the group. Giselle was addicted to harry. I admit they would look perfect together. I really wanted to meet them but i knew that wasnt going to happen. I  always day dream so i didnt notice giselle was trying to talk to me

"grace!" she praticly screamed "o hey sorry daydreaming again, i just really wanted to meet them, just imagine us just walking around the block or something then one direction sudenly pop up out of nowhere and gave us there numbers and asked us to go to the movies or something." "grace as much as i wish that would happen we need to remember they are world wide famus and where just to fan girls dreaming." it was true we were just two fan girls dreaming this day would come. I mean i kissed a poster of niall before bed. wow time flew by. We talked laugh ate and went shopping. Once i got home i put on my pjs, it was a baby blue tang top and baby pink short shorts. i kissed my poster of niall goodnight and dozed off.

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