Summer Love

Emely is going to spend all her summer with the boys of One Direction, While her paernts are in vaction in New York. Who knew things were going to get more serious & romantic with Emely & one of the boys of One Direction?!?!

So my Chapters are pretty long, & I dont really use "POV" much... So enjoy:D


22. Chapter 22

After eating Harry went to his room has said to change. He wore hid white shorts and a red muscle shirt, and he wore his white converse. "Copy Cater" I teased him when we were walking out the house. He just grew a big smile, revealing his dimples. It's was already time flies pretty fast, and about 2 paparazzi were standing outside asking stupid questions, and taking picture's. We quickly just got in his car and drove away to the carnival. I thought maybe Harry would answer those question, but he knew it was my day now :)

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