Distance through Time

Alice is a 16 year old girl who lives in the little town of Forks but she is not like any other girl she is a time traveller and she's been living since the 1600. She's been 16 forever stuck in time but when she meets Kyle sparks fly and Alice knows she must protect him. But she knows you can't change the future or meddle with death.


1. Prologue

I watched the blade dig into his skin the blade covered with his rich blood they looked at me and smiled showing the blade and they let go of him. I ran quickly and catch him with all my might before he fell. I held him and cried sapphire blue tears. The tears landed on him and the scar healed the blood was the only thing that made it look like he was cut. I pressed my lips onto his and wished for him to be al right  I couldn't live without him. I gasped in happiness when he opened his eyes and his emerald green eyes glanced at my turquoise blue eyes. He brushed my long black hair with a smile I try not to cry he's alive.

"Your alive" I gasped.

"of course remember were soul mates I'll never leave you" he exclaimed.

"for eternity" I replied holding his hand in mine. The moon winked at me and made my skin sparkle in the dark night sky. I look at him and my heart beats rapidly I never felt like this before not in a thousand years. But today I feel like that time travelling isn't a burden but a wonderful gift just for me.

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