The One That Got Away (Janoskian Fan Fic)

Forever Mia has been the closest of friends with Luke Brooks. Through thick and thin, he's always been there for her. But when he stumbles across "perfect plastic popular chic" named Tara, the friendship slips through her fingers. Will the friendship ever be true again? Or will Tara steal the limelight?


2. Chapter 2



• Luke's POV


"Just leave your bag in Beau's room, just don't mind all the clothes everywhere" I said waving my hands in the direction of Beau's room. Mia nodded and turned to the hallway. I ran to the living room and put the pillows on the couch, swept the left over chips from the night before under the rug and tried making the living room look presentable. 


"LUKE!" Mia yelled from Beau's room. "CAN I BORROW SOME CLOTHES?!?" I walked into my room and searched through my draw for my Essedon jersey. 


I knocked on the door, where Mia was changing. "Oh, thanks" she said while opening the door slightly with her school jumper covering her. Her beautiful brown eyes glanced at the Essendon jersey I was holding. "Ummm... No just no!! I'm not wearing that!" she said. I giggled a little, knowing she would reject the offer. "Okai, well there should be a black 'Obey' jumper on Beau's bed. Under all his other clothes." I laughed. 


• Mia's POV

I heard Luke laugh from the other side of the door. 'Black 'Obey' jumper' I kept saying to my self while searching through a large pile of clothes at the end of Beau's bed. Finally found it!! I slipped on the jumper and tied my hair nicely back in a high ponytail. Luckily I had my shorts from underneath my summer dress. So I slipped them on as well. 


I picked up the clothes i through on the floor in search for the jumper and folded then back on Beau's bed. I joined Luke on the couch. "Pizza?" I suggested. Luke nodded as he went to dive for the phone. While Luke was mumbling through the phone I got up from the couch and started to search through the cabinets for any movies. 


"This movie will do" I said, speaking to myself while waving 'The Human Centipede' DVD. "I love that movie!" Luke quickly answered. I jumped on the couch while Luke put the DVD into the blueray DVD player. 


Suddenly the door bell went off. I grabbed the money from the counter and rushed to the door. "Oh thanks" I said to the pizza delivery guy while handing him the money. He nodded his head and gave me the change and with that he hopped on his motorcycle

 and drove away. "Pizzas ready" I said as I dished up the plates. I walked into the living room with the plates in my hands. "One for you, sir" I said, placing a plate in Luke's lap. "Thanks darling" he replied.

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