The One That Got Away (Janoskian Fan Fic)

Forever Mia has been the closest of friends with Luke Brooks. Through thick and thin, he's always been there for her. But when he stumbles across "perfect plastic popular chic" named Tara, the friendship slips through her fingers. Will the friendship ever be true again? Or will Tara steal the limelight?


1. Chapter 1

Mia's POV

"You like him" Luke teased while making kissing noises and moving towards me. "NO I DON'T" I protested. "I swear!" Luke gave me a glance and I starred into his perfect Brown eyes.

Luke is my best friend, I just can't tell him that I have had a huge crush on him for, since I could remember. I quickly look away, blushing. "Hey Mia, do you wanna come over tonight? Family's going out and I kinda don't wanna go, so I was wondering if you want to watch some movies or something?" Luke asked, while scratching the back of his head. "Sure" I replied, tucking my wavy, dark brown hair behind my ear.

"Luke, Mia!" Our teacher yelled. We both looked up at him at the front of the class. "Quiet!" He snapped. Like and I both laughed quietly to ourselves.

The bell soon went and we finally got on the bus.

"Hey Mia!!" Julia waved, indicating me to sit next to her. I smiled and joined her. "Hey, you wanna come to my house today, stop at my stop for a change?" Julia whined at me. "Sorry I can't, going to sleep over at Luke's house tonight" I told her with a Happy but sad smile on my face. "Wow I'm surprised your mum even said yes to letting you sleep over." Julia said raising an eyebrow. I gave her a weak smile. "Wait, let me guess. You haven't asked her yet?" I shook my head. "But I'm hoping she would say yes, it's not like it's the first time I've slept over Luke's house, right?"

Julia soon got off the bus and I went to sit next to Chelsea. "I heard you and Luke got in trouble last period." She said cheekily. "No, not like that. We were just talking" I said trying to make things clear. "Well that's not what's been going around school." Chelsea giggled. "So glad this is your stop" I jokingly punched her arm.

I searched through the bus trying to find Luke. "Okai, have you called your parents?" Luke asked, as I sat next to him. "One step ahead of ya" I said as I lifted my phone to my ear.




"I'm so glad we finally have time to hang out" Luke said. But he was right. We haven't actually had any time together since Luke got his girlfriend, Tara. I've always thought they wouldn't last long but I guess they have. Tara is so pretty. Her blonde, straight hair. Her skinny and tanned body. Of course she HAD to go out with Luke.

We used to be best friends... Practically like sisters. One day she told me that she had this major crush on Luke, and that is when Luke and I started to become friends. She got super jelly and asked Luke out. She took one of my closest friends away from me and I really missed him. Luke and I are still close but I feel like we have lost that connection.

We finally reached his house. "Ladies first." he politely said while pushing the door opened. "Why thank you" I curtseyed.

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