Siblings , Alex ( Nadia ) and Ashley ( Kai ) , gets offered a scholarship at Cambridge University , London . Little did they know , that they were going to meet someone unexpected and that they would change their lives forever but what if they change their lives and fall for them too?.
Sometimes love is
Unexpected right? (:


1. London Here We Come

Alex's P.O.V

" Omg! Today is the day My Sister and I  are going to London ! ", I rushed to Kai's room to wake her up but no one was there " KAAAIIIII!! " " YEAH? I'm down here ! " . I went down the stairs as fast as I could , as I saw my sister already dressed . " Wtf? you're already dressed? and you didn't tell me ! . " I nudged her , " Go take a shower sleepy head , we wouldn't wanna be late right ? " . I grabbed some butter and toast while making my way up , I took the clothes I will be wearing heading to the airport undressed real quickly . I turned on the tap cold water was running ' shit ' I forgot to turn on the heater , so I bared with it since I'm kinda running late . Once I was done I was shivering , cold water is cold I took my fluffy blue towel changed I wanted to wear something simply so I prepared a Hoodie with a British flag printed to it , some denim shorts . Since my hair was caramel brown , curly as in curls , I took my hair blower to dry it faster it looked curlier than ever but it looked perfect some how , I took my glasses ( Nerd Frame ) I was about to take my Jansport bag when my sister said everything was downstairs . I shrugged I'm a deep sleeper so I have no clue who goes in and out of my room , I quickly went down Kai was wearing a Red-White Varsity Jacket printed ' Killer Kai ' at the back since she got that from Martial Arts this summer and some jeans . We both wore red vans , hugged my mom and dad this is the first time I'm going somewhere without them , I'll miss them loads " Nadia the Taxi is here ! " The taxi driver helped us with our luggage , " Changi Airport , Terminal 2 " my sister told him . I looked out of the window , I felt tears forming my eyes I'll be away for quite a long time I thought . " Hey Nadia you okay? " " Yeah yeah " , Just for your information my sister is 19 this year, I'm turning 18 tomorrow yeah awesome birthday gift huh? . We reached our destination , I took a cart to put our heavy luggage in . My sister held my hand and we went in , damn I'm nervous.

Ashley's P.O.V

Nadia and I checked in , the gate was open since we didn't have any metal with us, it was a fast process . I know how Nadia felt , she gets homesick easily cause she loves our  parents the most, I mean I love them too but we aren't as close  not like her . " Nadia you miss Mum and Dad? " she nodded . " FIRST CLASS FOR BRITISH AIRWAYS MAY PROCEED TO THE GATE YOUR SEATS ARE ALREADY " , Not so many people stood up I tapped Nadia we stood up , London here we come .

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