Spying On 1D

Louisa-Ann (Penelope) Thompson is on a mission, to scoop out One Direction, she's an undercover agent who might just fall in-love with one of the band members she's suppose to be spying on.



Louisa-Ann Tomson - Penelope Tomson

Hello, I'm Louisa-Ann Tomson, but thats not my name, well its my real name but I legally changed it call me Penelope Tomsom, I have a boyfriend called Michaelo. I'm an undercover agent at The London Secret Spy Agency. My spy name is Yellow Butterfly and I'm going to be the head of a new mission starting today, I have no idea what it is yet but I'm planning on finding out ASAP. A bit about me, I had to change my name under the regulations of the agency but if you google either of my names you get no results so people have no chance of discovering me.

Onto business the London Secret Spy Agency is both a protection agency where you body guard people and also a factual agency, we generally scoop out information on celebrities AND we have our own magazine, its a secret magazine as in people don't know who writes it but very popular over the world its called, Celeb Gloss! I write many articles and I'll probably be working on another one tonight.

My boss Rose is very organized and EVERYONE but HER gets two days off a week excluding weekends and only having 80 employees its quite impressive. For my articles I have interviewed lots of famous people I've met everyone Justin Beiber, Selena Gomez, Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift that kind of thing

I'm a blonde with a few bits of brown, I normally wear these nice pencil skirts with casual/dressy tops and a cardigan so I look presentable and with my spy sunglasses. The glasses are so cool, they have all these cool features like x-ray vision, sun protection like normal glasses, The can identify fingerprints, Barcode scanning so I CAN shoplift but that is ONLY for emergencies. I am actually unsure what colour eyes I have I barely see my eyes because its a strict rule to wear our glasses out but we are allowed to take them off to shower and sleep. They are a very awkward colour I think...

I have no family that I remember I think they died when I was younger, I remember having a brother but that is a vague memory of the past...

I should get going to find out my new mission! <3 Toodaloo Mofo's

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