Change for you

Jamie is a sweet girl with a not so sweet boy friend.Read and find out what happens.


19. Chapter 20

(Jamies POV)

We both walked out of Victoria secrets still laughing about what the guys reactions will be when the saw what we bought.

"Like I said girl he's going to be all over you" Whitney teased winking at me like before.

I new my cheeks were starting to get red.

 "Shut up, same with you and Niall" I said trying to get her back by embarrassing me but she only laughed.

"You have no idea girl" she replied giving me a cheeky grin.

"OMG" I yelled laughing trying to get the thoughts out of my head she laughed.

"All this shopping has made me hungry"Whitney wined holding her stomach trying to change the subject.

Right when she said that my stomach started to make weird noises.

"Me too lets get some food" I answered waking towards the food court.

"What should we eat" Whitney asked both of us looking around at all the restaurants.

"Subway" I asked just making a suggestion she nodded her head.

"Okay I love that place" she cheered grabbing my arm pulling me towards subway.

As we stood in line her phone started going off

"Umm just order me a BLT with a coke and I'll be right back it's Addie I probably should answer" she said giving me guilty smile.

"Yeah okay just meet me over there" i said pointing towards the tables in the middle,

"Okay be right back" she said walking towards the bathroom.


 (Whitney's POV)

When I made it in the bathroom I quickly answered.

"Hey girl" I said it was really good to hear her voice I haven't talked to her in 3 days.

"Hey whit I really miss you" she replied I could hear it in her voice.

"I miss you too and so dose Harry" i said laughing thinking about how much he's wined since she's been gone she laughed too."I mean he's been the biggest baby since you've been gone your all he talks about" I added making her laugh even more,

"Aww that's adorable I haven't really talked to him the past 3 days because of the wedding but I tried calling him this morning but he didn't answer I'm guessing he's a practice" she replied sounding a bit sad i know she must miss him so much.

"Yeah the guys are at practice" I answered.

"Ohh and guess who's been hiding a girlfriend" I said making her gasp,

"Who" she asked I could hear the curiosity in her voice,

"Zayn" I said laughing.

"Zayn" she repeated,

"Yep her name is Jamie I'm actually at the mall with her right now"

"Your hanging out with her" Addie asked I could hear the disappointment in her voice.

"Yeah just a couple hours while the boys are at practice" I replied.

Addie is my Best friend but when I hang out with other girls she tends to get jealous.

"So I'm gone for 3 days and I'm suddenly replace" she hissed she sounded a bit angry.

"Don't be ridiculous your not being replace I'm just being nice" I quickly snapped back defended myself.

I heard her sigh.

"whatever I have to go help my sister ill see you tomorrow " she mumbled yep she was so mad at me,

"Addie please stop okay your my best friend and no one will change that okay I'm just being nice to her that's it she has no friends here" I replied trying to make her understand,

"Okay we'll tell Harry I love him and can't wait to see him" she said I could hear her starting to calm down.

"I will bye Addie cant wait to see you" I said really excited for her to come home.

"can't wait to see you to" she replied.

"bye" we both said hanging up.

I quickly walked out of the bathroom to the food court where Jamie was really praying tomorrow that her and Addie got along.    

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