Forever and Always

Savannah has her sight back, she and Harry are together. But when problems arise for the gang, will it be forever and always?

Sequel to "The Blind will See"


23. Recording - Harry's P.O.V.

Harry's P.O.V.

I woke up at 8:30 and looked down. There Savannah was, in her 1D pjs I gave her after her first 1D concert with me. She looked so cute when she slept. I bent down and kissed her nose. She didn't move. "I'll let her sleep.." I think to myself. I got out of bed and took a shower. When I came out of the bathroom, Savannah wasn't in bed. I got dressed and went downstairs and saw her in the dining room with the boys eating cereal. When I came in, she looks up and smiles at me. I smile back. I get some cereal and eat with them. We all get ready and go to the recording studio. Savannah recorded first. She is an amazing singer.On her album, which she named Forever and Always, were 15 tracks. All were covers. They were Wide Awake by Katy Perry, Price Tag by Jessie J, Who Says by Selena Gomez, Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson, Diamonds by Rihanna, Never Say Never by Justin Bieber, and DNA by Little Mix. The other 8 were by us. They were What Makes You Beautiful, One Thing, More Than This, and Taken, from our first album, Up All Night. The last 4 were from our second album, Take Me Home, and they were Little Things, I Would, Truly Madly Deeply, and Irresistible. She was wonderful.

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