I Love YOU!!! Did you hear me?!?

I've fallen in love with this guy... I only know a few thing about him like his full name, birthday and last school attended, etc... we talked a few times but nothing personal, nothing interested, in short... NOTHING... I don't know why it's him that I love, there's something in him that I can't explain... he's the mysterious, serious type of guy... I can't tell him I love him because he's one of the Higher Ups in the company I'm currently working with and also because he has someone already... she's pretty & personally i think they're good together... I'm writing this story to let him know that even though he won't like me, or notice me or love me, I still love him... If only wishes will be granted, I wish to have just one chance to prove to him how much he means to me...


1. Chapter One: How It All Started

“HI, I’M INTERESTED to be part of the Full Pages Publishing.”

“Yes, can I have a copy of your resume?”

“Here it is, thanks!”

“Since you wanted to be part of our company, what position are you applying for?”

“Ah, I’m interested to be the graphic artist or the illustrator;” I smiled at the receptionist. “Whichever position that I’m qualified for.”

“No problem! Kindly take a seat, someone will call you for your interview.”

I smiled at her again while I sat on one of the couches in the lobby area. I looked around me and noticed that the place has a nice, cozy feeling. There are people inside the lobby waiting; I believe they are also applying to the said company. There are a few guys and girls who looked at me when I sat down. Since I am a bit shy I didn’t try to approach my co-applicants to start a conversation, so instead I took a magazine on the rack and started to read while carefully observing them. I’m kind of nervous and excited, but I know that I will have the job.

By the way I haven’t introduced myself, I’m Joliesse Cordiale, 21 years old, a fresh graduate of Multi-media Arts course.

I’m into manga illustrations and graphic novels; I’ve already created my own works.

Recently I have learned how to make origami (Japanese paper folding).

I am trying to distract myself by doing a different thing every now and then so that it will keep me from remembering my breakup with my boyfriend of two years, Henry. People used to say how lucky we are to have each other, but they’re wrong. He’s the cause of my nightmare! My personal living hell!

I thought he loved me, but I found out he’s cheating on me. Anyways, let’s not talk about him anymore. I don’t want to ruin my day because of that person.

I stood up and went to the receptionist. “Miss, do you have a washroom I could use?”

“Oh yes! Just go out, straight, and then turn right.”

“Thanks a lot!” I said. “I’ll be quick.”

“No problem.”

I found the bathroom and quickly combed my hair and retouched my make-up.

When I’m satisfied with how I look, I immediately went back to the lobby and sat down on a different chair. I noticed that a girl is staring at me like she has a bad smell under her nose or something.

What is the problem of that girl?

I heard my name being called, so I stood up and looked at the person who’s going to interview me because I got curious who owns the husky voice, and my heart skipped a beat, literally.

The man who called me is seriously gorgeous! I cannot help but stare at him!

Oh, my gosh! I think I have a crush on him already.

“So, are you Joliesse Cordiale?” I raised an eyebrow at him. He sounded irritated.

Uh, oh. Don’t tell me I’ve fallen in love for a Mr. Grouch?

“I’m sorry. Yes, I am.”

“I’m Sage Mendoza.” He introduced himself in a gruff tone of voice, offered his hand and gave me a small handshake. I can’t help but notice how big his hand was & how gentle he grasps mine. “I’m the one who’s going to process your application. Follow me.”

Waaah! I think this person is going to eat me alive!

He led me a small room with two computer chairs and a small round table in the middle.

“Have a sit, Ms. Cordiale.” He said, again in a gruff tone.

“Thank you.” I took one of the chairs and secretly observed him.

He seems to be the type of person who’s very private, very mysterious. He looked very serious like he never smiled in his whole life.

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! What a waste. He would be more handsome if only he will smile.

“I am told that you are interested to be part of Full Pages as a graphic artist?”

“Yes, very much interested.” Interested indeed since you’re here. I was about to smile at him, but when I saw his face I decided not to, instead I made myself expressionless. But I really cannot help myself not to look at him. I like looking at his eyes. He has the most beautiful pair of dark brown, deep set eyes I’ve ever seen in my life.

“Good. Because we need people who’s willing to stay with the company.”

“Of course.”

“So, how should I call you?” He started writing something on my resume, he’s really not smiling.

Call me sweetheart, darling, honey, anything you want. “Call me Lyss.”

“Okay, Lyss. I’m going to ask you some questions which will be my basis for hiring you.”

“Sure. Go ahead.”

“Since you wanted to be the graphic artist, what made you interested to apply to our company?”

“I heard that you’re providing excellent training ground for your employees which will help them get better opportunities in the future. I want to be part of this company so that I can acquire lots of knowledge that I can use.”

I told him why I feel that way. All the time I was talking he would occasionally ask me questions then take down notes. Sometimes his facial expression would change then expressionless again, and vice versa.

Then he went ahead to ask me about the company, rules and regulations. He asked me questions that I can agree or disagree with. He gave me some scenarios and I answered them based on my opinion.

Every time I say something his eyes would look like he’s giving some thought on my answers and I couldn’t help myself but daydream about him.



@->--- @->--- @->---


= Sage’s POV =

I hate this day. Why?

I got stuck in the traffic first thing in the morning, second I forgot my wallet and cellphone at home and I need to call my sister to lend me some cash and her extra phone, next someone spilled coffee on me when I went to Blenz to buy one, and lastly, there’s no one qualified to fill in the vacant posts we have and it’s really frustrating me!

I ’ve interviewed eight people so far and none of them past my standards.

One of the female applicants even had the nerve to ask if I’m single and if she can have my number. I was like “WHAT?!? What do you need them for?” I’m not dumb, I know she’s flirting on me, but she’s not my type.

Too much make-up, showy, flirty, noisy and conceited girls gives me a headache. Literally.

Then another girl asked me out on a date. Seriously! I mean, I admire the women today because they are very strong-willed, determined and knows what they want without having a man by their side.

Of course, guys will be guys. We don’t want women stepping on our ego, but I like women who will not easily be submissive to guys like me. I don’t want them to agree or bow down to everything I say. I want them to have their own decision.

And I haven’t found the girl that has those qualities. Sure I do have a girlfriend and we’ve been together for almost a year now. She’s smart, funny and gorgeous. The only problem is, everything I do is okay with her. Anything, even if it’s not pleasant is still okay with her.

One time, I dated a different girl and I intentionally let her see us to see what will be her reaction. Of course she couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw us, then I told her. “I want to date other girls and I don’t want you telling me not to.” I didn’t really mean it, I just wanted to see and hear what she’s going to say.

And I couldn’t believe my ears when she told me its okay with her. Then I thought. “Are you for real?”

I’m really disappointed with what happened. I didn’t get the reaction I’m hoping from her. I felt that she really didn’t care about me or she doesn’t even love me.

I began to distance myself to her bit by bit. I kept myself busy with work. Then I felt that she’s also getting cold at me. Our relationship now is getting nowhere.

So I’m not surprised when she suggested that we separated ways, and I agreed to it since I know that ours will lead to that eventually.

Bottom-line now is I’m single and I feel to be that way until I find a reason to get into another relationship with women or be committed with someone. For the time being I want to be alone, have all the time I want for myself.

Going back, I need to face the people who are applying for the available positions we have. And I think there’s a possible candidate for the graphic artist. I didn’t know that she’s one of the people applying to our company who caught my attention.

I saw her sitting at the lobby area waiting like the other applicants do, and I was awestruck by her beauty. I cannot help but stare at her from the one-way mirror on my small office.

She was sitting alone on one of the couches and was reading a magazine she got from the display rack.

She has a pair of round sensual eyes and pouty lips.

I groaned. I cannot be seeing her as a gorgeous doll like I noticed her. She’s one of the applicants and I need to focus on my job!

I called out the name of the applicant on the resume to end her suffering, if ever she fails. And the girl I was looking at awhile ago stood up and approached me.

I got irritated not because of her, but because I can’t help myself not to admire her.

When I asked her if she’s the person I called, she raised an eyebrow at me. She must’ve noticed the edge on my voice.

“I’m Sage Mendoza.” I said, I offered my hand to her and we shook hands. Her hand is small and dainty like it will break anytime it holds a heavy object.

I led her to one of the interview rooms and asked her to sit down. She did what I told her to do and I felt her eyes staring at me.

I couldn’t take my eyes off her when she took one of the seats I offered to her, her skirt hugged her waist and it emphasized her curves.

She was like a nymph, a goddess. Beauty, body and I need to check if she has brains too.I began my interview with her at the same time taking down notes on her resume. I can’t believe her! She’s got everything in her that makes her almost perfect!

She answered everything I asked her, and her answers gave me something to think about. I was ashamed of what I thought of her a while ago. Her answers described her as a deep person who knows how to decide for herself.

She’s clearly an interesting person that grabbed my curiosity.

And I’m scared of what’s happening to me.

So I made myself expressionless while interviewing her, I kept my eyebrows knit together so that she’ll see me as an intimidating person. But I can tell that she can’t be fooled.

She’s like a butterfly inside a cocoon; no one will notice her inner strength and beauty until you get to know her.

@->--- @->--- @->---

I was disappointed.

I have fallen for a guy who’s not going to like me. I’m just one of the girls he met in the office.
Why does it have to be you? Why do I have to love you? We’re clearly on the wrong place and the wrong time.

I couldn’t help myself but groan and curse under my breath because I’m inside a bookstore. I don’t want people to think I’ve got a few loose screws on my head.

I sighed and kept on walking. Since my thoughts are not with me I didn’t notice that I’m going to bumped into someone.

Too late. I bumped into him and I felt like I hit a brick wall. How did a wall get into my way?

“Whoa!” I lost my balance. Oh, my God! I’m going to hit the floor!

I closed my eyes and wait for my face to hit the hard surface. Nothing happened. So I slowly opened my eyes and looked around me. Someone is holding my waist and looked up.

This is not happening! I’m so embarrassed!

“Are you okay Lyss?” Sage asked, still holding my waist for support until I regain my balance.

“Yeah, I think.” No, I’ll never be okay! I think I’m going to have a heart attack! My heart's beating so fast!

“You should be looking where you’re going.” He scolded me.

Uh, what happened? Did you just switched personalities with Mr. Grouch?

“Right!” I gritted my teeth. “Since you’ve pointed it out, I’ll be on my way. Thank you very much!” I added sarcastically.

What exactly happened? A moment ago, he sounded concern. A second later he sounded mad?

I was fighting the urge to look back at him but I decided not to. He made me analyze again. How can I love and despise someone at the same time?


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