Little Tomlinson

Hi I'm Louise, Im 20 going on 21 December 24. I am Louis Tomlinson's twin sister he is 15 minutes older than me. Unlike him I am short. I am 5,3 in a half feet tall. We both have straight brown hair and green eyes I basically look like a girl version of him. I have to go on tour with them. I like Harry he is my favorite. But louis, he is really protective of me. What will happen on tour? We there be drama, romance? Read to find out. ❤����������


4. My new boyfriend, but Louis is pissed.

(Kaleyn's Pov.)

I got up for the rest of the day, but someone grabbed my waist and pulled me back. Harry. 

"Harry, let me go!" I said giggling.

"Aww, why?" Harry asked jokingly while kissing my neck.

"I have to get ready."

"Fine, but can I ask you a question?"


"Will you, be my girlfrind. 

I was shocked but happily replied with, " Yeah, of course."

He kissed me,and I kissed back, and he let me got and I went to my purse, and grabbed my change of clothes (Pink flowy crop top that says  'Lovers will Love' on the front in black, with a black cami underneath, white skinny jeans, and black uggs. ) I went to the bathroom and took a shower and changed. I brushed my hair, and I put on my make up (tan eyeshadow with a light brown blended in the crease, black eyeliner on the waterline, and liquid black eyeliner on half my eyelid closer to my inner corner and silver glittery liquid eyeliner on the outer half.) I walked out of the bathroom and walked downstairs. They we're all there except Harry. I walked to the couch, and Harry sat next to me and wrapped a hand around my waist. Louis sent him a glare. Harry didn't move. 

"Louis stop, i'm 20 years old, I'm not a child anymore."

"I don't want you getting hurt."

"I won't hurt her Louis," Harry said.

"Louis stop they can date if they want," Liam said.

"Wait you two are dating?" Louis asked obviously pissed.


"Don't hurt her, got it Styles?"

"Yeah," Harry said.

"Louis, stop it's not your relationship. I'm 20 years  old, i'm not a baby anymore. I don't need your criticism."

Louis got pissed and left the room. 


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