Two Friends. One Dream.

Two best friends Alyssa and Julia are in love with One Direction. When they see their concert, their lives chage for the best and everything is perfect. They fall in love and start to live their lives as 19 year olds should.

**This is my first movella so I hope you guys like it! Also, it starts to get good by the 10th chapter. I hope you guys like it! -Alyssa xx**


1. Tickets

**Alyssa's P.O.V.**


I can't believe it! Me and my friend Julia are going to see One Direction! Someone pinch me!! "Julia... I can not believe this is happening!" 

"Neither can I!!! We have to think about Twitter questions!"

"I know! But we're so far..."

"I know... We'll figure something out"

We came up with so many from them doing dances or accents or to answering a question.  So when the concert rolls around we were ready.  We get ready for the concert together and I do our hair and make up.  I'm wearing red denim shorts with my striped shirt with a red anchor on it, and my red Toms.  Julia was wearing plain denim shorts, an Ireland soccer jersey, and green Toms.  We load into my Volkswagen Beetle and blare One Direction the whole way there.

When we get there we get into our seats and start sending Twitter questions.  "To Niall: can we please have a Horan hug?" I send it knowing either they won't see it or they'll say no.  Next one: "We love you guys! Thanks for making us feel beautiful when no one else does!" By the time we stopped we sent like 20-30 Twitter Questions and then they came out.  By the way, we weren't close at all.... we were so far away but just to be there made our day. 

They sang 5 songs before they got to the Twitter questions.  "To Niall:" Louis says, "can we please have a Horan hug? Section 224X Row 15 Seats 17 and 18"  I couldn't believe my ears... that was the one I sent!

"I need really long arms for that hug girls!" Niall replied in his cute Irish accent.

"Next Question!" Harry said. "We love you guys! Thanks for making us feel beautiful when no one else does! Section 224X Row 15 Seats 17 and 18.... same girls I see..." He contiued.

"Your welcome Julia and Alyssa! We love you too!" They all said in unison.  I think we both just died there a little bit. I looked at Julia and the way she was staring proved my statement.  A few minutes later Louis walked off the stage, and asked the security guy something.

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