Forever Immortal

Have you ever wondered what its like being immortal ??


1. Shadow

The sky was getting darker and I could feel the cold air as it rushed into my bare arms like a thousands needles , I carryed on walking the the forest hoping that it would come to an open any time soon . I had no clue how long I had been walking for , but I knew it must be at least an hour or two because the sun had gone it and I could see the full moon shining down on my as clear as anything. Then as I was about to give up hope , as I was about to drop to the ground and stay there until there was light and I had more help escaping this forest filled with things I cannot even imagine in my worst nightmare , I heard a twig snap about 2 metres behind me .The sound frightened me and my whole body shivered with fear. I could see the shadow of someone tall coming up behind me , I stood in utter stillness , not from choice , my body would not move at all . The shadow began to move I regreted what happened next . The hand of the shadow reached into what I would say was a pocket and pulled out a knife . My body finally managed to move but instead of running I turnt around to see who the shadow belonged to but all was too late.

The pain was too much for me to go on .

I could faintly see the ' shadow ' drifting away and the moon light directing on my face then all was dark.

I was gone


Or so I thought .......................

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