Always and forever

Elizabeth aka Liz was best friends with Liam since the beginning after a long two year tour she is hoping she can make something new out if the friendship. But when Liam returns problems make things hard than Liz expected. Will she get with Liam or will new love get in the way?


14. Chapter 14

"Wait Harry!" I walk out the bedroom and go to Harry. "You got it all wrong. I…" "Did you kiss him?" He says. "No, yes, he kissed me, but I meant nothing." "When?" He says. "Today before you came. I didn't tell you because I didn't mean anything to me." "I believe you, but I wish I didn't have to find out like this." He says. "I know I know I'm sorry, love." I go over to him and hug him and kiss his neck. "Liam is not off the hook yet though." "No, don't say anything please you guys are in a group and you can't be fighting." I say. "Your right, but group or no group he can't go around kissing people's girlfriends." Harry was right. "Yes that's true, let me tell him okay." I say "Fine but if he tries anything else I'll talk to him." Time passes and its time to go to Lillian's party. Before we leave i text Liam. "Hey harry knows about the kiss so stop I'm not leaving him." "We pull up to her house and see loads of people either outside dancing or passed out. "I thought this was a small get together?" Harry says. "Maybe this is her small." We both laugh and go inside. The inside was no better music loudly playing barely being able to hear yourself think. Suddenly I see Lillian making her way over to us. "Heyyyy glad you guys could come drinks are…" she starts pointing in all different directions I can tell she drunk. "And the music us everywhere!" She starts dancing. Me and Harry laugh as she walks away. "Want a drink?" "What!" I yell back "A drink!" He yells "a peak, what!" I yell "No a drink." He starts motioning with his hands. "Oh yes." We walk over to a table and get drinks. We try to find a place to sit but there a people on the couch making out. We decide to go to the back patio where there is no one. "This is better." He says. There is only one seat so I sit in his lap. Just as I'm about to kiss him my phone vibrates. I look at it and Liam. "Can you come over so we can talk and maybe do other things?" Harry looks at the text and yells "Are you kidding me. That's it." Harry gets up and grabs my hand. We push through the crowd and back to his car. "What are you doing?" I ask him. "We're going to see Liam." We drive to Liam house and get out. "I want you to go in first." I walk to the door and knock. Liam opens and smiles then frowns when he sees Harry. "What are you doing here?" Liam says. "I saw the text. What are you trying to do. Break us up." Harry says. "Hey lad calm down." "No I won't calm down. Listen don't talk to Liz that way. She's my girlfriend not yours." Harry says. "I'm sorry, Harry and you to Liz. It ends now." "Thank you I hate being like this but it just makes me mental" Harry says. Me and Harry leave and go back to the car. "Thanks, I know that was hard since he is your friend and all." I say grabbing his hand. "It needed to be done." I kiss his cheek and he drives back to my house.
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