Faded Shadows

A village on an island, oh it was amazing. It wasnt even on a map, but it didnt stop Maggie from going there. She will finall find her fate there, escaping to a paradise trap,where she will think twice. She will find out about the secrets of the island, but will she survive?


1. Saying goodbye

Day 1

Oh how sad it was leaveing my family. Why did I? Should i have thought first before agreeing to visit that village? Oh how stupid am I. Well, there is no turning back now, because we are now about to take flight.



The words "Why maggie why?" flashed across her face. Big watermelon tears fell from her face to the picture her loving daughter drew for her. She grinned and looked outside of the window. She was in the middle of no where, just like it was: Life in Paris for her was no big deal really, just a busy place. And the food? WOW! It would make you drool 3 seconds you pull up to the parking lot. The sadness of leaving was a comparison to the airline food. Would you eat meatloaf with green spots? Or even better: FUZZY green spots! Oh how fun!

Day 1 (continued)

So far it has been 3 hours and i have been so miserable, I'd choose to stay home in a heart beat! So this is what happened; This guy behind me kept kicking my seat, and the airline food which isnt food really was H-O-R-I-B-L-E! I even spelled it out for you!  Eat sasuage, eggs, and my mothers special sauce was better than this CRAP!

Maggie P.S We are almost there! :)



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