Hi my name is Kaya!I am a vampire,I have blonde hair,tan,I am allowed to go into the sun,blonde short hair,black,purple,black,pink highlights in my hair.I have pearl white fangs (I am able to make my fangs come out or not!),skinny but not that!I loved Niall!My mom and dad are dead,I am 20 yeas old (actally 100 years old)!


2. Niall:)

Kayas P.O.V.

So This is the story about how me and Niall started dating have a bite!:I went to school today,I walked in and saw all these girls screaming very load.I read he one girls thought 'Omg Niall Horan is here!AHHHHHHH!'She said in her head.I ran faster then lightening and rushed up to Niall "Hi I'm Kaya,I'll show you around."I said to him while him winked at me.Lol."Sure Love"He said to me while I was blushing.We walked around while I showed him around.I gave him my number.He kissed me on my cheek.His lips were soft,smooth,warm,and gentle."Niall your in all the same classes together!"I said to him in a flirty tone."Yay I can't wait babe."He said laughing while I quick kissed him.We went into the same classes,he sat to me in all the classes,He sat with me at lunch,He sat to me on the bus,and he walked me home."Bye Niall see you later!"I said."See you tomorrow babe."He said while kissing me goodbye.I ran (Faster then ever cause I'm a vampire!)I went into my bedroom.I can't belivie I am falling in love with him.His so damn cute!:-)
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