Not intended for anyone under 13.
Harry/ Niall fanfic.

Harry moves in next door to a girl named Lyla. What will happen next?
Keep reading to find out (:


1. Chapter 1


Stop crying. He’s not worth it.” Stroking her from her tears moistened cheek, I placed a single soft kiss on her forehead. “Now try and get some sleep.” Giving her a warm, sympathetic smile, I got up from the bed and turned the lights off. As I made my way out of the room and left the door ajar, it was just when I was about to walk up the stairs to my room when I saw the light being turned on again. Stopping, I listened; hearing the sound of her wardrobe door being opened and closed again, followed by a few steps, I sighed and brushed a stray of my hair behind my ear. Here comes the Vodka.  
Just to fill you all in, this wasn’t a friend I was just comforting after yet another break-up from yet another loser guy; it was my mother, Sophie. Although the word ‘mother’ didn’t fit her exactly. Yes, she did feed me and give me a roof over my head, bought me clothes and everything else I wanted or needed, yet the exact description of a mother indicates something rather different. A typical mother, at least how I’ve always imagined one, works half a day, then comes home, does the chores and everything else that could possibly be done, but then still finds time to make some chocolate cookies; she is married to your father and they love each other, even after all these years of being together and she sets perfect examples as to how your life should be. But not in my case, no.

My mum and dad have been seperated for about 6 years now; their divorce was quiet and went over smoothly, yet it still was a divorce. Since then, a lot of things have changed and so have I. My mum basically is a semi alcoholic, the fact she drinks herself to sleep for two weeks after another guy, who she thought would be the one, breaks up with her is already habituated. I talk to my dad on the phone every once in a while, but that is it. He’s found a new wife and a new family, and even though he keeps on inviting me to stay with them for some time and I decline, I can’t help but feel the rejection and sadness about my dad having replaced my mother and me. 
This picture you have in your head about my mother right now, must be pretty awful; you are wrong. My mother is the best mother and friend I could have ever wished for, even though she isn’t always what I would want her to be; if that makes sense. She is possibly the most beautiful woman you will ever see; her dark brown, long and wavy hair, her bright green eyes and the memorable smile of hers. Of course she had her flaws, but she’s just human.

When I arrived in my room, I silently closed the door behind me, before heading towards my oh so loved double-bed. The waves of the mix of blonde and brown in my hair flew everywhere as my body limply landed on the bed. I was exhausted, but couldn’t help but feel somewhat odd when I actually thought about going to bed at this time. It was the summer holidays, and in the part of California where I lived in, that meant party season. Grabbing my phone from my bedside table, I clicked on the little Facebook-symbol and waited until the homepage finally appeared. Scrolling down the endless invitations to parties and clubs, I sighed; that wasn’t what I was in the mood for. 
Opening a drawer, I picked a cigarette out of the packet, then a lighter, before getting up and opening the door to my balcony. As I stepped outside, the warm summer breeze hit my skin, making it tingle all over my body. The scent of flowers lingered in the grey of the evening air as I rested my body against the railing and looked over my backyard and the view of good old Cali’. 
The fire of the lighter hit the tip of the cigarette I had in my mouth and I deeply inhaled the smoke, a wave of calmness and at the same time a hint of adrenaline streaming through my body and lungs as I did so. I guess smoking could be considered as a bad habit, but I classified it as a way of soothing myself after another hard day of being Lyla Roberts. Being 17 years old is hard work in whichever corner of the world you live in, but in this particular outer district of Long Beach, California, it was even harder; believe me.
Lost in my thoughts, I suddenly felt my phone vibrate in the pocket of my mini, cut-off jeans shorts. Pulling it out of my pocket, I glanced at the screen. One new message - Niall
’ I’m near your crib atm, want me to come over? ;) ’ 

Replying a simple ‘Yes and fast’, I smiled lightly, before effacing the last burning bit of my cigarette. Entering my room again, I put the small leftover of the cigarette into a small glass vessel, along with the hundreds of others, then shoved the vessel back under my bed. Glancing at myself in the mirror, I frowned slightly. I couldn’t remember a time I’d been happy and content with the way I looked, regardless of the fact I had good genes and was blessed with a body which others would kill for. I had naturally long legs, a flat stomache and was an acceptable light-weight, the amounts of junkfood or alcohol I consumed not changing even the smallest number on my scale. My breast size surely wasn’t the biggest, but it was acceptable; at least I hadn’t gotten any complaints by men yet, and that was all that mattered really. 
Taking a closer look, I frowned once again; my make-up was decent, but it just had to do. Pulling at the hem of my loose vest top, I brushed my fingers through the long waves  of my hair, before nodding at my reflexion, the mixture of brown and green in my eyes sparkled with the anticipation of Niall’s arrival. 

For any of you wondering, he was a friend; a really good friend. I’d known him for about 4 years now, we’d  practically gone through high school together, the last year of it awaiting us after these months of the summer holidays. Yes, his name was unusual for an American, but that’s because it’s irish. His father is originally irish, yet he had moved her because of a job he’d been offered, that’s how he met Niall’s mother, with whom he conceived Niall and here we are. He was not your typical hot guy, in fact, he was more of a weird, funny guy. His hair usually sticked up, the blonde of it blending into more of a brown towards the roots. His eyes were possibly all different shades of blue at once, his lips juicy red at all times. His laugh was infectious, the fact he found everything absolutely amazing astonishing me to the new each and every time. He wasn’t hot, but to me he was; that’s exactly why he’d become my, so to say, Fuck-Friend
We’d always had this weird, sexual attraction to each other, the actual extent of it though had only been detected at a party a few months ago. We’d gone at it; and it was really, really good. And you can trust it be true, when I say this. Maybe because I already had lots of comparables, but mostly because it actually was. He made me orgasm thrice; in the space of one and a half hours. And that must meansomething
Another message made my phone vibrate. Niall - ’ Is the door open? ‘
Replying him it was, I dabbed my lips with some lipbalm, then sprayed a tiny bit of perfume on my neck and shoulders. I heard faint footsteps coming nearer, before gradually, my door was slowly opened, only far enough for Niall to slip through. He was in his Bermudas and a simple white, V-neck shirt, yet still managed to look as appealing as ever.

Hey.” His deep voice made the tingles alert in my body, a smile I couldn’t hold back arising on my face. “Hi.” I replied, leaning against one of the bedposts. Niall’s eyes twinkled, an unusual darkness lingering in his normally bright eyes; I knew he was in the mood.
How’ve you been?” He smiled somewhat evilly as he made his way over to me, before stopping right in front of me. His body was now so temptingly close, his fruity breath hitting my skin. “Good, good. You?
Same..” He brought one hand up to rest on my hip as he looped one thumb through the hole of where a belt should go through. Niall opened his mouth, just about to say something, when I reached my index finger up and placed it on his lips. “Enough with the shit-talk.” A grin spread across his face, before he roughly grabbed me by my hips, crushing his lips on mine as he did so.

A tingling sensation streamed through my body as our mouths and tongues explored each other, as we stumbled to lay on my bed. Niall placed one hand on the low of my back as he laid me down onto it, his tall and muscular body hovering over me. I ran my hands through his hair, over the skin of his neck, before I let them trail down his beck and reach the hem of his shirt. Tugging on it, it didn’t take Niall even a second to quickly pull it off him, throwing it into a corner of my room. I let my glance rest on his torso for a few seconds, before letting my fingertips brush over his skin. Looking back up into his eyes, I noticed the slightly amused expression in his eyes. “Don’t be so full of yourself.” With that I grabbed him by his neck, urging his lips back to mine. His hands found their way in between us, where he slowly undid the button of my shorts, then the zip, and as I arched my back and lifted up my hips, causing them to collide with his crotch, he pulled my shorts off me. 
The remaining items of clothing soon found their way off our bodies as well, leaving us in nothing but our underwear. Niall reached his hand to my thigh and I knew  he would be sending my into a world of pure pleasure, like he always did, when suddenly I heard a voice echoing through my door.
Lyla, honey, where are you?” 

I’m here, mum. What is it?” I shouted back while Niall let his mouth trail down to my neck, softly nibbling at the soft skin, a moan escaping my lips. “You wanna watch a movie or something?” 
I groaned loudly, the feeling of Niall’s finger trailing further up to the place that needed him so badly now driving me insane. “Urm..I’m kinda busy at the moment.” I felt Niall smirk into my skin and I playfully tapped him on the shoulder as I heard a chuckle escape his lips. “Please? I just don’t want to be alone right now.” 
Sighing, I quickly thought about my two options; getting fucked senseless or watching a movie with my mummy? 
Pushing Nialls off me by his shoulders, I sat up straight on my bed. “What the fuck?” Niall’s voice was more of a groan and as I looked at him and noticed the massively evident bulge in his boxeres, I winced slightly. “I’m sorry. Trust me, I want to; so bad. But I can’t, you gotta go.” 
Getting up from the bed, I started getting dressed again. As I finished, I saw Niall still lying on my bed, a desperate frown on his face, the hardness in his boxers still not decreased. “You can finish yourself up here if you want, but be sure to change the sheets after you’re done. Later.” Giving him a small smile, a wink and a slight wave, I exited the room, ready for a long missed evening with my mother.

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