Zayn changed me alot!

It's about a girl named Rebecca,Rebacca Renoz,she was bad,hot D-,F-,and C- in school.She liked 1D,but not a huge fan,the only one guy she liked from 1D was Zayn:-)Her dad died and lives with her mom.When she moves with her mom in London,she meet Zayn!Will she change into a good girl,who got A+ and not be bad?Or will she stay the same?Find out in Zayn changed me!Enjoy:-)


1. Meet Me,Rebecca!

Rebecca's P.O.V.

I am 18,5'6 tall,102 pounds,skinny,tan,I am bad,I suck at school,and mad my mom lives in London!I have brown curly hair,brown eyes,and was single,and was ready to mingle!Lol!I went into my walk-closet and putted on a black forever 21 shirt,white skinny jeans,some sneakers,and the. Grabbed my iPod!I went into my bathroom and,got on my make-up,brushed my teeth,and curled my hair and little bit more,and finally I looked at my pearl white teeth!"Perfect!"I said while frowning!I got a text from my mom:

Mom:Hi honey,start to back up,cause you know that you are moving!

Rebecca:I am all ready and I heading to the airport,I will be there in 10 or 15 hours!

Mom:Ok see us!

I went into my car (Black mustang) and putted my suitcases in there!

*10 hours later*

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