You're Going Down

Gemini is a gangster by night and a normal teen by day, second in command of one of the most powerful gangs in New York. Sienna is a professional spy, intent on bringing crime down. Red's just been in too many bad places in her life... What happens when all three meet?


5. Home

Red's POV

We were a fairly happy family up till around my thirteenth birthday. There was me, Ma and Pa .Then Pa starting shoplifing, first small things then bigger and bigger. So he went to prison. He came out and we all were back together, but things were never going to be happy for long.A few days, I think it must have been, before my thirteenth, Pa got called something like 'Godzilla face' I don't know? But that really set him off. HE was coming down our road at goodness only knows how many miles per hour, yelling down his mobile and he didn't see me and Ma crossing the road. My Ma died when she was hit in a car by Pa. 


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