Escaping Humanity

Kris is a 15 year old girl who lives in London. She feels empty, like something is missing from her life. She hates the bustle of the streets, the endless noise, the cars and the polluted air. So when her step-mother and father go on holiday to america, leaving her to care for her annoying step-brother, she takes her home and her life, into her own hands...


1. My life, my horrible, horrible life.


Buzz Buzz Buzzzzzzz.  I wake up, my scraggly, dry hair falling around my head. I never have the time, or the energy to wash it properly. My duty calls. I turn off my alarm and drag my limp limbs up and out of my uncomfortable bed, which is really a sofa. Five A.M. All around me is darkness, the house is compleatly still.

Outside, a few cars drive slowly by, in the empty London streets, soon, there will be more cars, soon there will be trafic and pollution and horrible air. I throw open my windows, to breath in the fresh air, this is the only time of day that the air doesn`t seem polluted, doesn`t seem harsh and poisoness.

Time to get to work. I walk on tip-toes through the large apartment. It used to seem strange that we had all this space and spare rooms and money, when I sleep on a sofa in the smallest room in the house. But now, thats obvious, my step-mother treats me like a slave, my step-brother hates me, and my dad just does not care.

Once in the kitchen, I get out the gross cat food and scoop it into a bowl for my step-mothers smelly, fat cat. Then I get out the mop, but the handle is broken. This means that I will have to scrub the floor by hand!! I bet it was my step-brother who broke it he is always doing things to make my life worse, if thats possible.

I start to scrub the kitchen floor, Argh, my blisters from yesterday popped painfully. I crumple into a heap, my head in my hands, sobbing. My Life, my horrible, horrible life, and there is nothing I can do about it. "KRIS!!!" My Step-brother yells, "MY FLOOR NEEDS SCRUBBING WITHOUT A MOP! HA HA LOL." Oh Holy flying saucers, if my Step-mother heard that..."KRIS!" My step-mother yells, "here we go again" I mutter under my breath. 



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