Meant To Be?

Tamara's mum got her a job in Ireland to be an interviewer, she thinks her life is OVER! She not going to see her best friend Monica or anyone she knows again, she thinks life will be hell. But as soon as she gets off her plane it isn't. She locks eyes with Niall Horan and later meets them. What does this mean for Niall and Tamara? Is it Love, will her life really be hell?

This is my first fanfic :S sorry if u don't like it no hate Please
And no copying x


1. Ireland, Mullingar

Tamara's P.O.V.

There I was, sitting in my seat on a plane to Ireland to be an interviewer. Not my dream job, I reallyyyyyy wanted to be a singer but my mum told me I was horrible so I should be an interviewer like she wanted, she ruled my life! It had only been 3 hours and it felt like a day, I was so bored and to make it worse I feel plane sick! The rain wasn't helping at all, it made me tired because I all ways went to bed when it rained when I was little my life was going to be hell! No Monica my best friend since birth! Our mothers were in the same hospital and always saw each other when they came to check on us. BING BING. It was a text from who I wondered. I shuffled through my bag and pulled out my phone. It was mum. I put my phone down next to me. I didn't want to talk to her the last thing she said to me at hme was "And don't even think about singing! bye Hun." I was wondering why Monica hadent texted me as her mum said she couldn't come to say good bye, maybe she was so sad she couldn't bare to text me, so I'll text her. I picked up my phone to see the time, I thought for a while and realised she would be in Maths with Mrs.Patterson and my other friends, if I text her she would play one of her tricks on the teacher. So I dialed her number, she didn't answer of course, 5 minuets "CUS YOU'VE GOT THAT ONE THING!" it was my ring tone and surley enough it was her, "HEYY," she shouted "let me guess, you had to go to the toilet" I giggled "you know me so well" she answered back " I miss you already, my life will be hell, but don't worry I'll be back really soon, think of it as a holiday" I say " I miss you to! And let's hope, I had better go, I'm taking to long on the toilet she will get suspicious, call me when you have spare time ok?!" she answers "ok will do, byee" I say and hang up. I can't believe I'm leaving my friends, Monica and my whole life for a job I don't even want!

Niall's P.O.V.

The boys and me had just finished our amazing tour in Queensland, Australia. It was amazing the sun and Wet And Wild! But Sea World was my fav. I'm on the plane to Ireland without the boys, for Christmas break the there coming down for some interviews and stuff. I feel like such an out cast, I'm the odd one out! No fans like me, not even one person smiled at me on the plane or before. I sat there glad I was out of the rain the only thing I could think of was this break, Family, Christmas mabe.. Just maybe I'll be lucky and I'll find a girl, the girl of my dreams, As soon as I know it I'm fast asleep in my seat.
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