tonight lets get some

this story is so good that it doesn't need an introduction ;)


9. so tonight!


Mia's POV

"Yes!" I replied. He jumped up picked me up and span me around. We kissed then he put the ring on my finger. I couldn't believe I was going to marry the cute little bugger that I've known since birth. I was so happy. We sat on the beach for a while, and went in the water a bit. He was carrying me back up to the car when it was time to go back and announce our engagement to everyone.

He didn't stop smiling the whole way home.

"You've made me the happiest man alive Amelia! I will always be here for you and with you. Forever and always!"

"Back at you Ni, but the girl version. Haha." I replied. He laughed and quickly gave me a kiss.

We got back to the hotel and lucky for us everyone was in the same room. Niall carried me in.

"Guess who is gonna be Mrs Niall Horan?" I said. Everyone jumped up and came over an congratulated us. It was amazing.

Niall and I did a twitcam for all the fans. Yes we were only 19, and yes no one knew about us. But I was prepared for hate. I didn't mind what people said about me.
"So guys, we've got some big news. Well you all know Amelia, well, we've been secretly dating for a while, and we've known and loved each other since she was born. And tonight I preposed to her. That's right I'm getting married! Please don't send hate to Amelia. Please be happy for me. I found my princess but that doesn't mean anything is gonna change for one direction. We're still touring, and we are still gonna be together. I love you directioners! Keep smiling. Oh and before we go, Amelia also has some news." Niall told the twitcam and the 500,000 people watching it. It was my turn to speak now.

"Yes, I have some news. Okay, well we've decided to hold a competition and 5 lucky directioners and a friend from all over the world will be invited to our wedding. Keep an eye out on the one direction twitter page for more details on how to enter. There is an age limit though. You must be over 14 years of age. I am really sorry to the younger directioners. We still love you and there will be competitions for you guys later on. Alright guys. We'll see you later! Bye Love you guys!!" I finished saying. Niall said bye to them too. Then we ended it. We knew it would be all over twitter, the news and everywhere. But I didn't really mind now.

My twitter inbox started filling up..

Justin Bieber; Congrats on your engagement. I always knew you to had something going on! x

Ruth Payne; I'm so happy for you sweetie! Xx

Samantha Woods; Hey, you don't know me, but you followed me a while ago. Congrats on the engagement with Nialler, take care of our little Irish boy. Love you!! Xxx

I loved getting messages like that. I replied to everyone that sent a tweet, or a message. #Niaforever, #WeLoveNia, #1DWedding and #LetsGoToNiasWedding was trending world wide on twitter. I loved the directioners. Sometimes they took things too far, but they treated the boys well. I was so glad we could do that competition. It would be a great experience for the fans and Niall and I couldn't wait to meet them. 

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