tonight lets get some

this story is so good that it doesn't need an introduction ;)


10. lets go crazy crazy crazy


Mia's POV

The next couple of nights were crazy. Niall and the boys were doing heaps of shows all around America. I stayed with Eleanor, Perrie and Danielle while they were gone. I loved those girls, they always cheered me up, and Perrie was always singing! How I wish I could sing like her. Anyway, one night, the boys were preforming a concert, Perrie and I were in my hotel room when someone knocked on the door. It was Jack. I opened the door and let him in.

"Hey Sis," He said. I hated when he said that, I didn't really want to believe that my dad cheated on my mum. It just wasn't right.

"Hey, um bro?" I said awkwardly. He laughed and we walked into the lounge room.

"Who's this?" Perrie asked.

"My half brother Jack." I replied. She smiled and went back to writing Little Mix's next big hit.

"So what brings you here?" I asked Jack.

"I was just wondering if you wanted to go out for a coffee quickly? Just to catch up with everything we've missed... Oh congrats on the engagement by the way."

"Thanks, haha. Um yeah sure. Perrie you don't mind if I pop out for a sec do you?" I asked Perrie.

"Nah I'll be right. You go have fun." Perrie replied.


Perrie's POV

"Perrie you don't mind if I pop out for a sec do you?" Mia asked me. I thought it would be good to have some time for myself. I really needed to finish this song, then I needed to call the girls and sing it to them.. It would probably be better if she did go.

"Nah I'll be right. You go have fun." I told her. She grabbed her bag and walked out with Jack. As soon as the door closed I heard a scream. I knew it was Mia. I bolted to the front door and couldn't see her. I quickly saw the back of Jack go around the corner. I spotted a note on the ground. I didn't have time to read it so i grabbed it, and bolted after them. I got in my car and followed the car I thought Mia was in. I finally read the note..


If you want your precious Mia back, follow these instructions.                                  1. Do not show this note to anyone.                                                                               2. Leave $200,000 at 24 Windsor Avenue, New York by 5p.m tomorrow. Or else Mia dies.

Oh my gosh. Is this really happening? I knew I needed to tell Niall. I wouldn't be going against the instructions, because I wouldn't show him the note. So atleast Mia would still be safe.. For now.


Niall's POV

In the middle of a clothes change at our show, my phone started ringing, I quickly answered it. It was Perrie.

"Niall, babe I am so sorry I didn't mean for this to happen." Perrie said. I could hear she was crying..

"What happened Perrie?" I said firmly.

"It's Mia. She's been kidnapped.." Perrie told me. I froze. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. AFTER ALL SHE'S BEEN THROUGH!

"What happened exactly before she was k.k.kidnapped." I struggled to say.

"Well Jack came over, and asked if she wanted to get some coffee with him, she said yes, and they left. Then I heard this scream.. I knew it was her scream. I ran out of the room to find her, and all I saw was the back of Jack go around the corner and a note on the ground. It has a list of instructions on it. One of them being that I can't show the note to anyone.. But it doesn't say I can't tell anyone what is on it.." Perrie said. JACK! I KNEW I SHOULD NEVER HAVE LET HIM INTO OUR HOUSE.

"What does the note say?" I said. People were trying to rush me back on stage. I refused and they went on without me.

"If you want your precious Mia back, follow these instructions. 1. Do not show this note to anyone. 2. Leave $200,000 at 24 Windsor Avenue, New York by 5p.m tomorrow or else Mia dies."

My heart sank. No way in hell is anyone going to steal my Mia. My future wife, NO! I ran out of the concert building to my car. I went straight to the bank, and got 200,00 dollars out of my account and started driving to the address Perrie had told me. If he did not give my Mia back right then and there, I would kill him.

I knocked on the door, and a man answered.

"Ello what do you want?" He asked.

"I'm here to pay a certain person $200,000." I replied.

"You're not who he was expectin'." He said to me.

"I was the one who received the note, so I came. Now are you gonna give me Mia back or not?" I said. I was so angry. I was about to hit the bloke. But I knew that would make no difference.

"Thank you for your money sir, please wait until Jack can receive the money then you can get Mia back."

"Jack? I knew it was jack! Where is he? Where is Mia! I will pay you another $200,000 to tell me and not tell him that you did tell me." I told him.

"Sir I should not accept your bribes, but for $200,000 your secret is safe with me. I know what it's like to love someone very much and then have them missing. Jack took my girlfriend, and I'm only working for him to get her back. With the money you give me I'd be able to pay him and he'd let me have her. Thank you Niall.  Jack has taken Mia to his house. Here is the address. Good luck." The man said to me. I gave him the $200,000 that was meant for Jack, and went to find the bastard.

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