The girl That works at the music store

Megan is an ordanairy 18 year old.She works at a music store in London England, ( she moved there from calfornia when she was 17). So One day one direction come to the music store tO get a guitar fixed and to buy supplies and zayn Malik falls for her.


1. You look familiar: MEGAN'S POV

I was in the back room of sonic scandal music store I worked there in the afternoon and on weekends with my best friend Elise. When we wernt working we went to college. I lived in England for about 2 and a half years. And the first year I lived with my parents and the second year my parents decided to go live back in California and then Elise came out and we now share an apartment. I know what your thinking I have some life.
" Megan we need you we have 5 guys needing help." said Elise
I sighed and stood up from the stool I was sitting on. I knew what she was trying to do. She was trying to set me up with one of them and try to make me happy.
Sorry missy I'm not going on a date with any of the guys out there I say.
Oh please Megan! There really cute and you'll like on out there he has black hair and hazel eyes pleaded Elise.
I'm sorry all I'm going to do is help them with there problem I say.
I stepped out of the back room and froze as I saw the one Elise was talking about and dang he was cute.
Hi how can I help you I asked him.
Well we have this guitar that's makeing a wired noise said the guy with black hair.
Here let me see it I say.
He hand me the guitar, I strumed it and it was out of tune.
That's the noise it's been makeing! Said a guy with curly hair .
Ok the problem is its Eathier out of tune or it needs to be restrung I say.
See I told you zayn! Said a guy with blonde hair.
Zayn where have I hered that name before? I thought.
I just shook my head of the thought and turned my attention back to the guy.
Um do u want it to be restrung? I asked.
Sure! Said the guy smileing.
Okay it might take awhile so do you want to drop it off and come pick it up later? I ask.
Sure that would be great! Do u know what time it's be ready? Asked the guy.
Um at about 3 so come buy around then I say smileing

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