The secrets of the future mrs. tomlinson

So like this is a random story that i'm making as i go along! and so its about a girl named Alex, who is best friends with the boys of one direction (who r not famous). But Alex has some secrets. She's a vampire and she's a wizard. But what happens when some evil vampires want her and maybe even her friends dead. Read on to find out...


1. Hi!

Alex's Pov

I drummed by fingers on the desk as i stared at the clock above the door. 3:59. The seconds leading up to 4:00 felt like hours. But once the numbers finally changed to 4:00 i sprang out of my seat. "Okay Mr. Bender, it's been an hour, can i go home now?" i asked. 

"Yes, Alex, you may leave, i hope you learned your lesson" Mr. Bender hissed. "Oh, and Alex, watch your back!" he whispered. I glared at my math teacher as i exited the classroom. He eyed me as i walked out of the classroom before turning back to the puzzled in today's paper. 

So now that i'm out of this hell-hole, i guess i should fill you in. My name is Alex, i'm sixteen. I do gymnastics ad softball. I love to draw and write. Oh, and i'm a vampire. 


Now i'm sure your wondering what was going on back there and why my teacher told me to "watch my back" and all. Well i was sitting in detention with my math teacher, Mr. Bender, because he just likes to give me detention for now reason and then tell me that he hoped i learned my lesson. But he said to watch my back because he is a vampire too. In the vampire world his name is Tyler. But he isn't a normal vampire like me. Tyler is an evil vampire, A.K.A a vampire that is also a vampire hunter. And he just happens to be the same vampire hunter that killed my parents. 



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