Love at first sight.

Tiffany Caldwell was a typical teenager. Self-consious about her self. Also thinking she wasn't good enough for a relationship. That all changed when she met Harry Styles. Harry wasn't into getting a serious relationship, but just by glancing at Tiffany can that change everything?


1. Meeting for the first time.

Tiffany's P.O.V :

"Mother I have to go or I'm going to be late for school." I kissed my mother goodbye. Then I hopped in my car. Now it's time for the part of the day I dread the most... School. I don't like going to school mainly because I get made fun of. Ashton Benson is the girl that has a lot to do with it. She calls me ugly, fat, and two-faced. Which I am nothing like that it's her who is like that. I think another reason why I get made fun of is because I can't get a boyfriend. Basically everyone at our school has a boyfriend or girlfriend. Everybody except me.


Harry's P.O.V :

I sat in Algebra talking to Ashton Benson. She is a really extrordinary girl. I just got back from touring so being able to be back at school and being normal feels great. "I think your so cute Harry!" Ashton said with her cheesy smile, which it's actually kind of fake. "Thank you..." I said. I don't want a girlfriend right now, so I'm trying not to give her the wrong impression. "Sorry I'm late Mr. Evans." I heard someone say from across the room. I glanced over and there she was. She was stunning, with her strawberry blonde hair, bright red lips, and a beautiful smile. I had to talk to her. Wait... What am I saying? I don't have time for a serious relationship, but I couldn't resist. She sat down in the corner all alone. Now's my chance. I stood up excited to approach her, but then I got stopped by Ashton. "I wouldn't waste my time on that skank Harry. Nobody likes her and I sure hope you don't." I can't believe her. "I like her, I think she's beautiful." I stepped around her and approached her. "Hello, my names Harry Styles."


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