Today arrived the rain

Inspired by today's weather!


1. Today arrived the rain

Today arrived the rain,

Cool air and heavy skies.

Wet lines and beads of damp appear

To molify our eyes.


Today arrived the rain,

The start of autumn's grip.

We bid farewell to summer's glow,

Fruit punch we once did sip


Today arrived the rain,

The dusty soil turns damp,

And cosy, nestling in the lounge

We reach out for the lamp.


Today arrived the rain

And with it comes a breeze:

The curtains billow, rails creak.

Though far, we fear a freeze.


Today arrived the rain,

Plenty more to follow.

I'm terribly glad that we don't live

Outside or in a hollow.


Today arrived the rain,

It hardly stopped at all,

But I showed defiance, wouldn't be beat,

Doned my mac, had a ball.


Today arrived the rain

And now it's time for bed

It's fin'lly stopped, it's calm outside

So now, I'll rest my head.


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