A Untold Kiss

Jade Tomlinson was the sister of Louis Tomlinson. She had a normal life. She Went to Higschool. She had a brother in College. And she had a crush on Zayn Malik. One of the most popular kids in Linwood Highschool. But like everyother non-fairy tale,he sadly had a girlfriend. But at the Hallowen part Zayn had accedntly kissed her. But Jade never told Zayn. Then Zayn becomes famous...and gets put in a band...with her brother. She knew Louis wouldn't let her date Zayn...EVER! Find out how Jade gets through this Untold Kiss...


6. A note

Hey Jelly beans! (I call my readers that don't get offended)  So I need a co-author to help me out. The way I'm going to do this is just send me a  mail or your imagine. To make it easy for me please try to make it a one shot. And in the end I'll say who's I like the best. And they'll get to co-write :) oh and you better do it quick cause the last time you can send me a mail is Sunday :) good luck! And may te odds ever be in your favor ;)
My email is bunnybrain987@gmail.com
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