The Lost Kiss ~COMPLETE~

Niall and Lily have been best friends since they were in Kindergarten. Freshman homecoming came around, and Niall asked Lily if she would be his date but go as friends. They had an awesome time, and after, Niall and Lily went to take a walk at a park. Lily's family was moving to Texas later that week for her parent's work, and she wanted to tell Niall something before she left. After she tells him, she runs away from him embarrassed and scared on what he will say. What happens when Niall and Lily meet 3 years later?


1. Leaving Mullingar

Let me tell you about myself my name is Lily i lived in Mullingar,Ireland i am 18 right now almost 19 in a few months i turn. I now live in texas i hate it here i mean it's not bad but i left so much behind my friends and my best friend you might have heard of him his name is Niall as in Niall Horan world famous band member for one direction won 3rd on x-factor that Niall Horan. He was my best friend i don't like to talk about it much i try so hard to un live and forget about that painful night but i don't think i ever will be able to do it. oh did i mention i was in love with him.


It was a normal day in Mullingar i was in school I had just gotten some terrible news this morning I HAD TO MOVE!! and leave my friends and Niall i think thats the worst thing about moving is leaving Niall i have know idea how i will be able to tell him. He has something to ask me i think i will tell him today. As i see him in the parking lot of school he is pacing back and forth now i am getting really nervous. "hey" i call to him he looks up and smiles i will miss that smile "hey lil" now its my turn to smile he used my nickname he made up in kindergarten "so what did you want did you want to tell me"i ask "Well as you know my ex maddie just broke up with me"he said i can't stand maddie just the sound of her name makes me cringe she bullied me every second of the day and made my life a living hell long story short i couldn't stand her. "ya" i replied "well we were going to go to homecoming and now we arn't so would you like to go with me as just friends" that last part hurt so much just friends why couldn't he think of me as anything more than that. "of course Nialler" his smile returned to his face i couldn't break him now telling him i was moving.

*day of homecoming*

"Nialler(that was my nickname for him) you didn't have to get me a corsage"i stated "no if your going to be my date i have to get you one" i just smiled "get close i have to get pictures of you two" my mom comes in the room "mom" "its okay lil" niall says when we arrive to the dance we dance the whole night it was so much fun. afterwards we decided to take a walk in the park. I needed to tell him  now. "Niall i need to tell you something" "anything babe what is it" we were now looking in each other's eyes "i-i-i like you" i can't believe i just said that Niall didn't say anything i wanted him to kiss me i thought he would i was crushed i ran away before he got to say anything afraid he would reject me. that was the biggest and dumbest thing i have ever done i heard him run after me and call my name but i didn't stop running. when i got home i ran to my bedroom and locked myself in it and just cried then i realized i forgot to tell him i was moving tomorrow there goes my best friend.

*flashback over* 

i never called him and he never called me i didn't get to say goodbye we left early the next morning.There is still a box of memories including our homecoming photos i was ready to move on from niall until my friend Stacy told me the most life-changing news ever.

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