Imagine that your best friend is a famous girl, or boy? That would be awesome right? Then this fan fiction is something for you! I hope you enjoy reading it, as much as I enjoy writing it!


1. Bestfriend?

You: ''Mom! I'm leaving now!'' You yelled as loud as you could to get your mom to notice you.

Mom: ''Allright baby! See you later!'' Then you opened the door and walked out on the street.


You were walking down the street as usual. Peoples were following you like they were some creepy stalkers. Some people even came over to you and asked for a picture. Ofcourse you stopped to take pictures and videos, but it was getting a little bit annoying by the time. After peoples has got their photos and videos you just began to walk again as nothing happened. You could still feel people looking at you. While you were walking your phone began to ring.


You: ''I know! I'm late! SORRY! Be there in five, k?'' Then you hang up and speeded up your steps.


You finally arrived at the restaurant! You could see a group of girls with papers and pencils in there hands, while they were screaming ''SIGN THIS FOR ME PLEASE!''. You actually found that funny! You began to walk towards them, and they turned around.


You: ''Hey girls, nice to see ya.'' Then you waved the girls away with one of your hands and sat down. ''What's up? Is the famous world a little bit to much?'' You giggled a little after that sentece!

Conor: ''Nice to see ya too! Haha, it's amazing how every girl is attacking me with the sentece ''SIGN THIS!'', but, I think i'm gonna get used to it!'' He smiled at the ground while he was laughing! Then he suddenly stopped laughing and became seriously.

You: ''Hey Con, are you allright?'' He putted your hand on his knee. He looked so sad.

Conor: ''I've been thinking about this thing for a while.'' He was so seriously. You could feel him begin to shake. ''In my new video, Turn Around, I want you to, like.....''


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