Breaking free

Bethany and Meemzy get all of their wishes coming true at once after a One Direction concert. But are the two girls really all they seem?


1. The Concert

Meemzy's POV


Bethany and I sat in the front row seats, as the opening music came on we jumped up and down, joining all of the other screaming fans. 
'I can't believe we're really here!' Bethany shouted to me over the ear splitting noise.
I giggled in response and as the boys burst onto the stage the screaming increased.
They started singing Na Na Na, and me and Bethany sang along, jumping up and down all the way through. 

* * *

Me and Bethany quickly followed the way round to the back of the stage, we'd been lucky enough to get VIP tickets so could meet the boys themselves! As we spotted the boys we ran towards them, autograph books at the ready. 

I heard the boys say a few hi's and then trying to contain the excitement, Bethany stepped forward.

'Could you sign this please?' Grinning, she held out her autograph book and a marker pen. 
Liam smiled.

'Sure' He took the pen and book out of her hand and signed it.


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