My heart went two directions

6 friends 1 girl 2 love-sick boys and a whole lot of dramma when aria meets famous band 1 direction she never thought they'd get this close or that she'd be considerd there best friend it all started out tres great then Niall and hazza fall 4 the same girl who will this star horse back rider/genius/boy magnet choose how will she choose will she choose?..... (there will be a sequel :))


32. Forgive & forget

Arias P.O.V
I woke up before Niall for a change, I sat up and saw Harry he looked nervous and his hair was ruffled. "can I talk to you alone?" he asked nervously, "yeah we can go on a walk?" he nodded and we left. "S-so how was your night" he stuttered and kept a small distance between us, "it was ok... Are you ok" I asked closing the space a little. "last night I you know, touched your bum" he rubbed his eyes, I backed away again remembering it I nodded. "I feel like such a pervert, I'm so sorry, I'm never like that. That wasn't me last night I don't know what that was, I tend to act way different when I'm tired and I was last night. Please don't hate me, I just... I don't know wasn't thinking right. When I woke up this morning you were the first thing I thought about, and how much you probably feel violated... Please forgive me" Harry looked so sincere. "I don't think I could ever hate you your my little kitten remember but you really did scare me last night... I forgive you but never do that agian, that's not you". He looked so relieved, "so forgive and forget" he held out a hand so I could shake it? "you must really be nervous and care if you want me to shake your hand. The Harry I know would give me a big sorry hug" I smiled, he extended his arms smiling he hugged me super tight. "that's better, we should go back so no one wonders" I started walking, he caught up to me and reached for my hand, "if I'm your kitten what's Niall" Harry asked, I smiled at his name, Niall Niall Niall, "he's my puppy" Harry put a arm over my shoulder "kittens are cuter" he smiled, "puppy's protect" I added. "but I'm taller than Niall so I can protect better" he pulled me closer, "actually shorter people have more center gravity so Niall wouldnt fall as easley" I corrected, "if you want to be all technical then fine as long as your with me now" he was such a flirt but so sweet, I leaned into his touch as we walked. "your warm" I said, "I know" he answared, "to warm" I put my hand on his forhead, "I think your running a fever" he jolted back a little then relaxed again "I think your crazy I feel fine" he said as we approached camp, I nodded "your gonna get sick" I whispered under my breath. I saw Niall coming towards us "you guys made up" he smiled taking my broken hand, "yeah" I answared, "still besties" Harry leaned over kissing my cheek,butterflies, Niall copied, more butterflies, "you guys are awesome" I smiled
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