A poem, about the imagery of nature and what happens when its time, halts.


1. Nature



A dark and mysterious shadow,

The world's contemptuous night,

Lurks beneath the shallows,

Of the sea lit by light.


Nature was leaping yonder,

The highlight of her career,

But now with nowhere to run,

Off the cliff she veers.


Mother nature has gone,

And all the perks left too,

The wind has halted it's march,

The air that once blew.


For the outside land,

Time has rested,

And perfectly, personified, peace

Is what the greenery has requested,


To allow nature to stop,

And rest a while,

From the Himalayan Mountains

To the River Nile.


So the natural clock,

Has stopped it's strikes,

And wildlife's dedicated citizens

Have halted their hikes.


But the endless cycle

Cannot stop for long,

As nature intends,

To once again burst out in song.


When the ocean currents reach the shore,

The wind howls through the crooked trees,

And all that appears calm and still,

Is not what the naked eye sees.


A source of life flows in all beings,

whether they be of moving ability,

This is the communication of nature,

The natural environments facility.


It's not all birds and bees,

Colours and objects take part,

In creating a forest, a natural collage,

Mother nature's work of art.


Keep an eye for wildlife at its best,

The natural habitat's thriving,

As the sun flows through opaque leaves,

The heart of the world, surviving.


The visionary imagery,

Feasting hungry eyes,

On the fruit bowl that is abundant,

With natures delicious surprise.


Sprouting from all corners,

The minions of mothers crib,

If the world was a pen,

Then it's lifeforms would be its nib.


Flowing water systems,

Lavishing off the track,

Bringing along it's wisdom,

It's clear, nature is back.

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