Up All Night

In the society Nicole lives in, the discipline received due to any act of misconduct is taken to the extremes, and criminals are usually sentenced to death. That's why everyone around is always striving to be so perfect, so they don't have to be forced out of the world for misbehaving in the slightest bit. When Nicole is sentenced to end her life after stealing from her neighbor, she chooses to do it alone, and in a way that might be easier. But this way might not work out just as she planned.


1. On my way out

I sat in the empty room, alone, with the pill in one hand, and the letter in the other. I couldn't believe it was finally time to go. I was only 18 and I had so much going for me in life, so many things planned for my future, so much to look forward to. Now all that was gone. My very strict government was forcing me to end my life with just this one little pill. I admit that I had stolen from my neighbor, which was wrong, but i had a valid reason. They had accused me before, although that time it was untrue. They had almost gotten me killed then, but I was let off with a warning. I went back, for revenge, to take their most prized possession. Alan, the teenage boy living there, was in the Olympics last winter, and taking his three gold medals seemed like it would make them pretty upset. Which it did, until the next day, when they got it back. And what did I get? This tiny pill that held my death within its purple squishy walls. I rolled it around between my fingers, amazed that such a small thing could do so much as to kill me. I would take it now, go to sleep later, and never wake up. That's how this pill works. It kills you in your sleep, supposedly to make your exit experience easier. They may say that, but death is death. There's no easy way of doing it, because once you're gone, it doesn't matter. I didn't have time to say my final goodbyes to all my friends and family. They made the final decision in the court house that morning, then sent me off to a small building far out of town and into the woods, then they left me there, all alone, with nothing but the suicide pill and the letter informing me of my fate. The building was small, with one room, a small window, a and a cot in the corner, where i would sleep the last night of my life.The door was locked from the outside, keeping me secured in the room. There was a giant mirror covering one wall, which i guessed was a window from the outside. I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. My  hair was still curly from last night, when my best friend, Taylor curled it. I was really going to miss her, and i felt terrible for leaving her behind. We were planning on going to college together when school started at the end of the summer, but that's not happening anymore. She'll have to carry on without her best friend there to help her through life, make her laugh, and be happy with. My face looked fresh, since I fell asleep on the way here. I wasn't wearing make up, which made me look so young, making the situation much more sad. I wanted to live while I was young, but when i tried, it got me here. Everyone from where I live has this perspective of life that I don't. They assume that being human means you should be perfect, and always follow the rules, no matter what, even if it means never having fun. I don't agree with them. I think being human only means you aren't perfect, and you never will be, so that should just tell you to not even try, and to have fun, and live your life how you want, not how anyone tells you to. I want to do what I want, break the rules, and enjoy my life. Thanks to the system of government my society has, no one will ever be able to do that without being forced to kill themselves. It will never be possible to live your life how you want. I looked at my reflection, then to the pill, and took a deep breath before swallowing it without another thought.

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