Over Their Dull Heads:The Tarot Children Series One

Tighter, tighter, tighter...gone...
Every one knows what a limbo is? A state of mind after death when one of the limbo ghost has not fulfilled their life’s duty and must continue as a ghost until forced into possession of another, a loved one, one that can see you, one that has one of your belongings it goes on. Sometimes your life’s wish is to say good bye, sometimes it’s just because you’re not noticed enough. It could be anyone under possession... So watch your dull heads, a ghost of limbo may be above you.

Tarot (tar-oh): Tarot cards are paranormal cards that over take their host




“Hi babe, how are you?”
Scarlet asked in a monochrome tone.
“Nothing, you?”
Jack answered, he had seemed under control of a play station for the half hour, playing assassins creed: revelations for about the tenth time today.
“No, no, no you’re doing it all wrong!”
Scarlet grabbed the controller from his hands.
“Watch a master play.”
She continued and started playing rapidly, she repeatedly killed and stabbed the nearest person.
“Hey, you’re not meant to kill EVERYONE!”
“Why not, it’s fun!”
“You have a good point there, keep playing”
They waited a few minutes before she completed the game, considering Jack had done most of the work in it.

“Ahhhhh... nothing like the school games room and assassins creed, huh?
Scarlet said leaning back in the empty I.T room floor, her head cradled between his basket legs. Jack slouched over to her face, giving her an upside down kiss.
“That kinda reminds me of the scene in spider-man you know?”
Scarlet said smiling.
Jack leaned in and kissed her again.
“Kissing me upside down, like spider-man”
She slightly lifted her head and kissed him back
“Then again, what doesn’t remind me of comics!”
She said and sat up while doing so, she tipped over a discarded board-game
“Devils and Angels: The fun and cool card game for all ages”
Scarlet said in a bored tone over it.
“Well looks like I tipped all the cards mind picking them up for me?”
Scarlet smiled.
“Sure, sure”
Jack began to help, reading aloud names of different cards.
“The high priestess, The hermit, The stars, The emperor... The lovers?”
The card had a red blob on the side that look similar to blood, but that was common in most of them, not all the same red patch there was just always a red blob on the complete left side.
“Hey, you want to take the this card apart, you get one side, I’ll get the other? It would be cute and romantic and shit”

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