Writing For Reading. (Huffington Post)

My entry for the 'Stand Up On The Huffington Post' competition. For a generation that have their own fiction genre apparently we don't read books. That's a classic case of irony I wouldn't mind using in a story. Because in case you hadn't noticed: I can read and write, I don't own a PlayStation and I know that there is just something about a good book that teens love.


1. Writing For Reading.

I am firstly not speaking for the whole of the teenage population; but the ones I am speaking for have a better insight than most. 

I am one of the teens who would rather sit and read a good book, I am one of the teens who enjoys her English classes because she knows it will benefit her writing when she logs on to Movellas. I am one of the teens you didn't think existed.

The figure I am about to give you seems beyond possible but it is in fact true that in a recent poll 17% of young people said that they would be embarrassed if their friends saw them with a book. Personally I don't understand this figure and and I don't think any of my friends agree with the statement. Of course there are the few in our generation who have contributed to a name such as the 'PlayStation Nation' but then again there are the few that didn't even know this because they're too busy with their noses in books. 

I should really tell you something about me. My name is Georgina Antill and I have been writing for 4 years. I am 14 years old and I already know what career I want because reading and writing is what I do. I didn't just decide one day that I wanted to be an author; it took me 3 weeks. That's is the same amount of time it took me to read the whole Harry Potter series, now I know this is overrated and cliché but after reading what J K Rowling had written I wanted to do the same. That got me wanting to write. What really topped off my desire and drive was Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I'm sure you've heard of that, if you haven't you're just as bad as my generation is supposed to be. 

So what did I do, I joined one of the biggest writing communities and with my first story I won a competition. That's something that sticks with a young girl. A young girl who doesn't sit watching TV like a brain-dead zombie, a young girl who isn't lazy and who works hard for what she wants. 

Now about the tag of 'PlayStation Nation' I have never heard this in my life, I am quite repulsed by the thought and I believe the media and public are doing what they do best: Stereotyping. Sure everyone stereotypes and I don't mind when someone does it to me, as long as they give me the right stereotypical judgement. I am a nerd, I am one of the people who carries her Kindle to the cinema for no reason and who ditches her friends to sit around writing some more to that story she's always dreamed of living in. Most people, I am sure, wonder why some are so hooked on reading and writing; they are part of the 'PlayStation Nation' because they refuse to admit that the reason they would read a book is to escape reality. I am not afraid to admit this and it is because of these judgements that I chose paper over pixels every day.

I'd also like to say that I spend roughly 10 hours a week reading and writing, sometimes more... I hope when you finish reading this that you take a look at the number of users on Movellas and every other writing and sharing community because that will give you an idea of how many are really part of the 'PlayStation Nation'. I for one am not. 

Finally I feel inclined to say, from all the teens who are similar to me: How important is the 'PlayStation Nation' tag really? Do you think that we will care about tags and labels when we are the leaders of this world?


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