Live While We're Young.

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  • Published: 21 Sep 2012
  • Updated: 17 Oct 2012
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Renesmayis not your average teenager.


5. Chapter Five: Harry..

They all started to surround Liam and I, they came up one by one introducing themselves,


"Hello my name is Louis, you can call me Boo Bear" he winked at me and I giggled slightly. Next up was Niall,


"Hi" He Froze again.


"Speak Boy Speak!" All the boys laughed and he regained consciousness.


"Um im Niall, Call me Nialler." I winked uat him and he exhaled heavily. Next up was Zayn.


" Hey í'm Zayn , Dj Malik Is ma name".He walked over to Niall to comfort he looked like he just had a heart attack. Last but not least was Harry "Hi I'm Harry , call me Hazza for short , and um aren't you looking good today!" He winked at me and i winked back. I ran upstairs and grabbed some pillows for them , 3 blankets and a stuffed toy.I ran downstairs "who is scared of the dark here?" Boo Bear put his hand up , I threw him the teddy and he cuddled it like a child.Then Niall and Harry put they're hand up "We are!"They both yelled out and gave eachother a dirty look , Harry walked up and toke my hand and kissed it.He looked at me and walked away.I Started laughing and he got mad and crossed his arms."Oh , Hazza i didnt mean it.I'm sorry" I did the puppy dog eyes and he forgived me.Niall just stood there , mad.I ran over to him and gave him a big hug , "Nialler " I smiled he rapped his arms around me and giggled.I pulled away and saw the boys gaw drop , i smiled "what?" Boo Bear toke me upstairs."He Loves you!" he screamed excitedly , I Smiled "No he does not , he just likes me , as a friend!" Louis gave me a look "Hazza and Nialler both do!" I laughed at him and garbbed his hand and lead him downstairs."Okay guys , now bed time" They all groaned but toke off they're shoes and jumped in."Resmay?" Harry looked at me pleadingly "yes hunny bun?" I smiled "There's still a spot left for you next to me?" I Smiled and Jumped in with them.Harry laughed and i smiled , he put my hair behind my ears.i fell Asleep.

Harry's P.O.V -

She is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen , i want her to be mine and this was my chance.I toke it and now were getting closer , only if that Niall doesn't steal her away from me.

Nialler P.O.V -

I felt like screaming when he asked her to go in the bed with him.I felt like punching his face! she is the most sweetest thing and she is beautiful! I need her , i froze today.she is beautiful , i hope she notices me.

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