Is it Love or Not (FAMOUS)

When 4 girls meet 5 boys and fallin love something bad happens!!!! What is going on!!!


1. Friends Together Again

I just got back from the most depressing day of my life, my mothers funeral, and my friends already wanted to meet up with me. I had been in Texas for almost 4 years now, and I didn't plan on going back to Iowa. My friends knew about my mother dieing, but they knew it was going to be coming. I really wanted to go back up to Iowa, and I guess that's just what I was going to do now.

I began putting things in boxes and tubs. I folded my clothes and took them out to my car. Tomorrow I'd finally leave to go back home.

*Next Morning*.

My phone went off waking me up, I picked it up. I had a text voicemail from my best friend Aly. I listened to it.

"Hey it's yours truelly Aly calling. Just was making sure you were up and ready to head back home! We're so excited to see you! By we I mean everybody. You know where to meet us, be there at around... One second let me check the time." There was a moment of silence. "Well I guess this is pushy, but just don't stop for anything but gas for your car, be here at around 3 today!" The voicemail ended and I looked at the time. It was 6, crap.

I quickly began loading stuff into my car. It didn't take too long, but as soon as I was finished I was off on the road.

*In Iowa*

Text Message from Aly: Where are you? Did you even wake up?

Text Message Sent (Me): Already in Iowa,

Text Message from Aly: Yay can't wait to see you

I parked my car in the parking lot of Taco Bell, my stuff all still in my car. I put my keys in my pocket and locked my car after I got out. I looked at my phone, then up at Taco Bell. I let out a loud sigh and walked inside. As I opened the glass doors, I was quickly greeted by millions of hugs. Aly, Catlyn, Lalecia, Anna, Jessica, Jasmine, Dani, and Javonna.

We quickly found a huge table and began to talk about tons of things. We got yelled at by the waitress a couple of times for being to loud, but we just had so much to say! Aly told me she was in college and she was working to be a type of nurse that I couldn't even say. Catlyn had moved out of her house, and her dad left their family. Lalecia had gotten a job at a movie studio, and she got to shake hangs with the actual Johnny Depp. And after a couple hours of talking, we realized we hadn't even ordered yet. So Dani went up to the counter and ordered for all of us while the rest of us stayed and talked.

Lalecia was staring at the door as two boys walked into the restraunt. Catlyn looked, and told Aly and I not to look. Another boy came in and was fixing his jacket and hair. Aly turned around anyways, and she blushed immediatley, and turned back around. I glanced over, but I didn't get a good look at them. There wasn't very many people in Taco Bell anymore. It was two older ladies, the boys that just walked in, and us girls.

Aly whispered to me. "I think Lalecia's got her eye got on the hair stylist." She giggled and I covered my mouth so I wouldn't laugh like I usually did. I was so glad I wasen't thinking about my mom. I reached over the table and smacked Lalecia in the face. She turned her attention back to us, finally.

A boy with a stripped shirt and red pants sat behind me, and another boy with curly hair, a black shirt, and jeans sat behind Aly. The curly haired boy pulled Alys hair and ran off to the bathroom. The one with red pants polked my side and ran after the curly haired boy.

"Somebodys flirting!" Whisper yelled Lalecia. Aly gave her the 'For realzies' face and she knocked it off.

After we ate and stuff we drove back to Aly's house. Seems how I was going to be living with her. I was super happy to be back home. We turned on the news then, and we began to watch this concert that was with this band One Direction, and interview was mixed in with the concert. We all started calling boys in t he band. Aly called this guy named Harry, Catlyn called this guy named Niall, Lalecia called this guy named Zayn, and I chose a guy named Louis. Lalecia stood up suddenly, as did Aly. Aly walked over to the TV and pointed at Harry. "He was at Taco Bell today!" She looked at the screen, then at us, then at the screen, then at us, then at the screen, then at us.

"Aly stop doing that!" Catlyn yelled. She looked down at the ground and slumped back down on the couch.

"I can't believe we met famous people today!" Dani exclaimed.

"I've already met a famous person before." I so badly wanted to say, shut up to her. But she walked out of the room before I could.

I went to go and get my sweatshirt that had my phone in it. When I realized that I left it at Taco Bell. I told the girls I had to go back to Taco Bell. When they asked me why, I told them I left my phone on the table. Aly decided to come with me. We went back and went inside and find my sweatshirt on the same table. Aly told me to look to my right. I looked and it was those boys but, with three of his friends. We went to the table to grab my sweatshirt and there was a note on it. It said,

Found this and was wondering if we could meet up sometime.    -Louis Tomlinson P.S. Look over here!

I looked over and the boy who was wearing red skinny jeans and a stripped shirt smiled at me and I started to blush. Aly looked and the one with the curly hair smiled at her and she started to blush too. We started to walk to the car and I looked at my phone and it said chat with Louis Tomlinson. I read it and it said (Hi there Beautiful). We talked and talked then he asked me for my friends number and Harry took Aly's number. And we all ended up giving eachother our numbers through my phone on chat with Louis.

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