Who killed Macey Green?

About a murder with an unexpected killer. Everyone is a suspect, but only one person commited the crime...but who was it?


1. Detective Lopez

Last night there was a murder on 45th Street, central New York. It has baffled detectives, police officers, lawyers; nobody knows who the killer is, but I, Detective Lopez will find them. Macey Green shall rest in peace. No killer escapes from my hands...

My case files say that the victim was crossing Lake street, on her way to the supermarket when she was strangled viciously, at 12 o clock sharp. Nobody was around to hear her shrieks, to watch her dun white eyes roll back in her head, to taste the fear in the air. Nobody saw any shadows, to suggest that the killer had fled from the crime scene. Nothing. That's what is so strange about this case. Nobody knows anything....

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