I don't love you, it's him

15 year old jaya lives in a mansion with her mum. She is dating an idiot named Luke. Her mum makes her do beauty pageants. She is turning sixteen soon. Her mum hires a band to play there. An when they come over for dinner everythin about her life changes. Well most things.


1. I don't like this

I don't love you, it's him.

Part one

Jaya's pov

Why do I have to even date this boy?! He is so weird. I have no feelings for him. Apart from hatred and everytime I see him I want to throw up. 

Hair brushed back. Loads of gel. Not one strand out of place. Work shirt tucked into slacks. A jumper tied around his neck. Sly smile. you ask me he looks like a phsyco path.

My mum set me up with him. I hate my life. I live in a fancy white mansion. Not one speck of dust anywhere. Walls white. Couch white. Everything white. Except for some flowers placed around. They are a pale pink. 

He's sitting next to me with his skinny arm draped over my shoulder. I look at his hand. 'ok Luke I'm going to my room' I announce and stand gracefully off the couch. 'I'll come with you honey' oh my god. No! He stands. 'I am alright. I'm kinda tired' lie. He sits back down. 'I'll see you tomorrow' he says. Oh shit. That's right. I have a beauty pageant tomorrow. I walk upstairs in a graceful manner and open my door then walk in. I take my heels off and unzip my white dress at the back. How I hate dressing up.

 I have two outfits that I picked out in my whole wardrobe. I take out my jumper and my track suit pants and put them on.I get my ugg boots and slide them on too. 

My sixteenth birthday is coming up an my mum wants to make it big and glamorous. I hate that. I want some friends and a few pizzas. 'honey. Can I come in?' my mum asks knocking on the door. I groan and tell yes to her. She opens the door and walks in she sits on the bed next to me. 'darling what are you wearing? You have a dress fitting for your party in a few minutes' she says and gestures to my jumper. 'mum I don't like the dress. It's too... Puffy and long' I whine. 'a lady doesn't whine... Straighten up sit properly' I roll my eyes. 'and a lady most definitely doesn't roll her eyes at her mother. Go to the ball room now jaya. They should be there' she says. I get up and  walk downstairs into the open spare room where my mum hosts party's and balls and stuff. There they are. 'hi' I say rudely. 'hi how are you today miss-' I cut her off  'jaya. Just jaya' 'ok jaya over here please and we will get you into your dress. She leads me behind a screen and helps me into the big pink puffy dress. I hate it so much. 'now that's a nice dress!' my mother says walking into the room. 'you can wear it... I have no problem with taking this shit off' I mumble so my mother can't hear. 

After I get that stupid dress off I walk bak to my room. Thank god Luke has left. He annoys me so much. My phone buzzes. 'hey Alicia' I say. 'hi bebz I have to get out of here. It's driving me crazy!!!' she is having her sweet sixteen too. It's the week after mine. 'do you wanna sneak out? I have the same problem. I can say I'm at Luke's' she agrees. 'be outside in ten.' she says an hangs up. I go to my closet and put on the other pair of clothes I chose. Light wash skinny jeans and a blue tank top tucked into my jeans. I slip my red vans on and let my hair down out of the curly bun it was in this morning. 

'mum I'm going to go to lukes.' I say as I pass her in the study. Planning my party most likely. 'ok Hun be back before 7:30. We have a special dinner tonight with a band. I'm going to see if they can play at your party.' she seems excited about this. 'ok bye' in no way do I plan on being back by then. That's in two hours. I walk down stairs. She didn't say anything about what I'm wearing. She don't look. 

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