When Elizabeth witness' One Direction get in car crash she rushes to help. But what happens when Harry is in a coma. Does Elizabeth help the famous boy band or does she witness the end...
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2. Phone Call

It had been a weird day last week.

I saw a crash, turned out it was One freaking Direction. Than later when I'm at the hospital with them, me and Niall kiss and then I get Liam's phone number. Then I kiss Niall again and leave, but I pause outside the door and hear Niall call me beautiful and say, well I guess imply, he likes me. 


Just weird.  

Weirder than Riane and I skipping down the street singing Elmo then doing the chicken dance at the library.

Yeah we actually did that but hey, what can I say, we were on a sugar high and weren't thinking straight.

Don't judge us!

My phone rang and 'Taken' played. I picked it up. "Hello?" I said.

"Hey Lizzy." It was Liam.

"Oh hey Liam, what's up?" I asked him.

"Nothing just Niall's been bugging me to call you since you left," I laughed as I heard an Irish accent scream 'hey!' in the background.

"Well tell him I say hi then, and since he obviously misses me... I guess we can hang sometime," I said putting emphasis on guess.

He said to Niall, I'm guessing, "She says hi, and since you obviously miss her we can hang out."

"Pfft, I don't miss her," I heard the Irish accent pause. "That much... Okay I do." I smiled. "Wait you're not still talking to her are you?" Niall asked.

"Yeah I am actually." I heard three boys laughter and Niall scream over it.

"HI LIZZY!" I smiled.

"So when should we hang out Liam?" I finally asked.

"I don't know. Any time you want." I thought about it and remembered I owed Riane for blowing off our movie night.

"How 'bout ten and we go see Harry first, then whatever you guys want. Okay Liam? Oh and is it okay if I bring a friend? I owe her. When you were in the crash we were supposed to have a movie night and I blew her off to help you guys." I told him cautiously.

"Sure thing we will pick you up then." He hung up.

I put 'Live While We're Young' on my phone and sang on my way to get changed.

I ended  up putting on some jean shorts and my peach coloured ruffled shirt and leaving my hair down but swept over my shoulder. No make up.

I called Riane next.

"Hey Lizzy," she answered.

"Hey Riane, I wanted you to come over today I'm gonna make it up to you for blowing you off yesterday, so come over at nine fifty and dress like you're gonna meet One Direction." I smiled, she was dressing like she was, with no idea she actually was.

"Okay I'll be there. What are we doing?"

"It's a surprise." I told her trying to sound mysterious.

"No seriously, what are we doing?" I smiled, this will be fun.

"Fine I met one direction and I am taking you to meet them." I smirked and I tried to sound like I was faking.

"Yeah, okay Lizzy. See you then." She bought it! Yes!

"Kay. Bye Riane!" I hung up and sat down when I got a text from an unknown number it read:

Hey Lizzy. Its Niall 

I smiled, texted back. Hey Niall <3 Then added Niall as a contact.

Whats up?

Nothing, you? I heard a knock on the door and went to answer it.

Same, I bet you know this, but I miss you...

I texted back, Yeah, I miss you too. I answered the door and it was Riane.

We hugged. "Hey Riane, vas happaning?" I asked.

"Nothing Lizzy, so what are we doing?" She asked.

"Umm, its still a surprise. But we will leave in about 10 minutes, okay?" I lounged on the couch and turned on the T.V getting another text from Niall

Lizzy, we will be there in a couple minutes, okay?

I texted back, Kay Nialler. 

A couple minutes later somebody knocked on the door and I went to answer it. I looked through the window and the boys were there.

I turned to Riane. "Can you get me my leather jacket from my room? Its in my closet, thanks." I waited till she was in my room and let the boys in with my index finger to my mouth signalling them to be quiet.

"My friend Riane doesn't know that were hanging with you so be quiet and sit on the couch and the chairs if you need to and wait till she comes back and we can hug and everything than, okay?" I whispered and led them to the living room and went to my room and grabbed my jacket from Riane.

"Thanks, Riane. Now the surprise awaits this way." I grabbed her hand and led her to the doorway and she gasped and I smiled. "Boys, this is my best friend, Riane. She also lives here in London." I told them and they all chorused 'Hey'.

"Okay now you can hug me. I know you want to." Niall came running and hugged me and I hugged him back and blushed when he kissed my cheek and not like friendly-kiss-your-cheek he actually kissed my cheek, then he hugged Riane as I got hugs from the other three and Riane after me. She still couldn't speak. "Okay now lets go see Harry. I'm worried."

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