When Elizabeth witness' One Direction get in car crash she rushes to help. But what happens when Harry is in a coma. Does Elizabeth help the famous boy band or does she witness the end...
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I was on my way back home after renting a movie at about four pm for my movie night with my bff and I was putting the movie in my car when a loud crash made me snap my head down the street where a van just got t-boned.

I ran over locking my car on the way and calling 911.

"Hi this is 911 whats your emergency?" Said the lady said on the other end.

"Hi, I just saw a van get crashed by another. I think I need and ambulance." 

"And where are you?"

"I'm, um, on Main and Robins." 

"They're on the way."

"Thank you."

I slammed the phone shut and opened the back door of the van on  the opposite side they were crashed.

I was amazed when I saw One Direction inside moaning.

"Oh my god!"

I pulled Liam out and carefully set him on the sidewalk.

I continued to pull Zayn, Louis, Niall and Harry out before the ambulance arrived and started loading them in they could only take two in each so they called for two more.

Niall was last and alone so before they left I asked if I could accompany them to the hospital since I did do all the work of pulling five boys twice my size out of a wrecked van and calling 911.

They agreed and I hopped in with Niall and rubbed his hand he started to stir and woke up and looked over at me.

All I could do was smile.

"Who are you?" He asked me in a groggy voice.

"I'm Elizabeth, but call me Lizzy. I'm the one who pulled you out of the van and called 911."

I blushed and kept rubbing his hand absent-mindedly, he looked at our hands and I slowly pulled my hand away.

"No, it felt nice."

I put my hand back and he held it, I blushed brighter.

"Thank you for saving us, Lizzy."

I blushed more and looked away from him, mumbling, "No problem," and avoiding his eyes.

He sat up and used his other hand to lift up my head and look me dead in the eyes. My eyes flicked away. "What are you looking so hard at?" I asked him.

"I was just mesmerized by your beautiful eyes."

I blushed again and changed the subject. "How are you feeling?" I asked.

"Fine and by the way, I'm Niall,"

I sighed. "I know who you are," he smiled and kissed my hand then yawned. I smiled softly.

"Lay down and sleep your tired," I said and gently pushed him back down and rubbed his hand and brushed hair out of his face and sing softly:

"She takes your hand I die a little, i watch your eyes and I'm in riddles, why can't you look at me like that," I pause then continued, "When you walk by I try to say it, but then I freeze I never do it, my tongue gets tied the words get trapped," Niall was slowly drifting off a little more and he would be out. "I hear the beat of my heart getting louder whenever I'm near you," so close, "But I see you with her, slow dancing, tearing me apart cause you don't see, whenever you kiss her I'm breaking, oh how I wish that was me." He closes his eyes and fell asleep while I kept rubbing his hand.

~*At the Hospital*~

As I walked into the Hospital, I pulled my hair into a braid, following the nurses and doctors. I pulled out my phone and text my best friend Riane telling her where I was and that I wont be able to make our movie night and that I would see her soon.

Then I asked a doctor about their conditions and he told me that they're being examined and will be put in a room in about an hour and a half and I could wait in there till they come around but I can't go in till they're in there.

I nodded and sat down in a chair, pulling out my phone to play games while I waited. 

I stood up as the doctor approached me and told me that I can wait in the room now. I thanked him and walked to the room and sat on the couch on the far wall and curled up and went on twitter for a while till Liam started to stir.

I sat up and watched him for a second then went back to twitter.

"Hello," I looked up and saw Liam looking at me.

"Hi," I smiled and walked over to him and sat on his bed next to him.

"I don't mean to be rude but..." I smiled and laughed.

"I'm Elizabeth, but you can call me Lizzy. I'm the one who pulled you all out of the van and called 911," he nodded and smiled.

"Oh... Well, thank you," I smiled again.

"No problem," I got up and reached into my purse and pulled out his phone and handed it to him.

"I grabbed it off the floor of the van. I thought you might want it," he took it and smiled.


"No problem," I walked back to the couch and sat down.

"Um, Lizzy, where's Harry?" Liam asked and I looked around.

"Oh, um, I think they were doing extra tests on him. I'm sure he's fine," I told Liam and wondered where he really is. I hadn't noticed that he wasn't in the room.  

A little while later the rest of the boys came around and I introduced myself and told them why I was there. They all thanked me and finally Niall was the last to come around. I was sitting on his bed talking to him when the doctor came in.

"Doctor where's Harry?" Louis asked.

"Your friend wasn't responding to the tests-" he got cut off by me.

"But he's not dead right?" I asked worry filling my voice.

"No, no, of course not he just wasn't responding to the tests and he's..." He trailed off.

"Oh for the love of god! Where-Is-Harry?!" Zayn snapped at the doctor.

"He is in a comatose state and we don't know when he'll wake up, whether it be days, weeks or maybe even months."

Everyone's faces dropped and I even saw a tear roll down Louis' cheek.

I stood up and walked over to Louis and wiped it away, "He'll be okay, I promise," I told him softly, he smiled and I patted his hand and walked over to the doctor.

"But he's okay and breathing...?" I asked carefully.

"Yes he's breathing on his own and his heart is beating at a steady pace," We all sighed in relief.

"Good." Liam said as the doctor left.

"Okay Lizzy, I have been dying to ask, but, can you introduce yourself to us all and why you felt the need to pull us all out of the van when we're all twice your size?" Zayn asked.

"Oh, okay... My name is Elizabeth, but I prefer Lizzy, I'm nineteen, my best friend's name is Riane, she also lives here in London and I pulled you all out even though you're twice my size because I didn't want my idols to be hurt and seeing you all hurt broke my heart." I looked down blushing.

"That's sweet Lizzy." Niall said and smiled I looked up and smiled back.

"Are we really your idols Lizzy?" He asked.

"Yeah, Niall, you guys are. All of you." I smiled and sat with Niall again.

He smiled bigger than before and gazed into my eyes and moved my bangs to the side, slowly dropping his hand to mine and kissing it.

"Get a room you two," Louis commented.

"Fine," Niall drew the curtain around us making me blush.

Niall sat up and pulled me closer, I smiled and kissed him on the lips holding his shoulders.

I drew away and smiled drawing the curtain back so I could see everyone.

"Well I have to go and I would really like to see you guys again and so can I maybe have one of your numbers so we could arrange something? I mean I saved your lives..."

I looked at Niall and saw him in a state of shock. I smiled and walked to Liam and handed him my phone and grabbed his and added myself as he did the same with mine.

After, I looked at Niall who was still in a state of shock.

I laughed and walked over to him, kissing his cheek and waving good bye. I paused outside the door for a minute.

"Did she... Did she kiss me?" Niall asked making me smile.

"Yeah, mate. Twice," Liam said matter-of-factly.

"So you're telling me that beautiful girl that just left kissed me?" He paused in which I'm guessing Liam nodded. 

"And gave you her number, then she kissed me again and left?" He continued.

"Yeah Niall."

"Best-day-ever!" I left happily smiling big knowing that Niall liked me.

Then I stopped dead. Niall from One Direction likes me. Oh my lord! 

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