Love Lost Faith

Emma is a teen mom. That was the last thing she ever expected of herself. The father of the baby? No other than Harry Styles.
Emma moved to the U.S. hoping to leave the past behind and never to see Harry again. What happens when she comes face to face with the father of her baby? Will she tell him? Will he take resposibilty or leave her again?


1. The Begining

Emma sat there in complete shock. This wasn't happening to her. This was all a dream and when she woke up everything would be okay again.

Emma closed her eyes shut hard. And slowly opened them again. Everything looked the same. How could this have happened?

Well she knew how. She and Harry had sex, but they used protection!

She sat there on her bed staring at the stick in her hand with the unholy '+' sign. What was she going to do? She wasn't even done with school yet. What would her parents think of all this.

All she wanted to do was crawl into a ball and hide.

"Emma.." Her friend Charlotte said opening the door to her room.

Emma didn't reply she just sat there expresionless.

Charlotte closed the door behind her and walked up to Emma taking the pregnancy test from her.

"Emma." She gasped.

"I'm Pregnant.." Emma sobbed.

"It's okay Emma. Everything will be Okay" Charlotte whispered, as she sat next to maple and hugged her.

Days after Emma went over to Harry's house even though she knew he wasn't going to be there because of the X Factor, but she wanted to stop by anyways.

She walked up to the door steps and knocked.

"Hello?" Harry's mom Anne answered the door.

"Hi Anne, is Harry home?" Emma asked nervously.

"Oh no sweety you just missed him. He left a couple of minutes ago." She frowned.

"Oh well.. I-I.. If he calls you or something can you tell him I stopped by..? And that I love him." Emma stuttered.

"Sure Darling." Anne smiled.

"Thanks Anne."

"You welcome." Anne said before Emma walked away.

Emma's tears were threatning to come out of her eyes. She couldnt cry, not now Not for Harry.


Sorry if the Chapter is Short. The next one's will be longer Promise :)

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