A Dream Come True

Hi im Olivia! I love to dance my dream is to become a professional dancer one day. My parents both died when i was really young so I have been living with my aunt Martha, my uncle Tom, and my two cousins Sabrina and Moe. We live in a little town in The UK called Abingdon, Oxfordshrire. I absolutely HATE living here my aunt is a witch my uncle is never home and my cousins act like im their maid! Sounds like the life huh? -_-


1. Wish me luck!

Hi im Olivia! I just turned 18 and i also just got my license so im planning to leave this crappy place real soon. Ever since my parents died in a car accident 3 years ago life has been pretty rough. My life is pretty much just like Cinderella's...before the fairy god mothers came. I just graduated with my best friend Jenna. She is the only person in my life who cares about me, but sadly we have to go our seperate ways now. She has to move back to Ireland because her family lives there. She is planning to be a Vet and i'm planning on being a professional dancer. Unlike my aunt she wants me to stay and just be their slave for the rest of my life. YAH RIGHT IM GETTING OUT IF THIS JAIL CELL! I just need to try to find out how i'm going to get out of here. Wish me luck!
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